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Miraculous Healing, the Spontaneous Remission of Cancer, and Near Death Experiences

When a devastating illness strikes us or someone we love, we want to know “Why?” Our heart cries out: “Why him?” or “Why her?” or “Why me?” We may even demand an answer to: “God, how could You let this … Continue reading

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An incredible book of healing research

                               The effectiveness of this treatment has now been proven in ten                                controlled animal experiments, conducted in five university and                                medical laboratories by trained, skeptical researchers.                                                                      From the introduction to The Energy                                                                      Cure by William Bengston, PhD … Continue reading

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The metaphor of the MRI machine

In this article I will be focusing on a Heavenletter™ recently published by Gloria Wendroff in her daily newsletter.  If you are not familiar with Heavenletters, or you are not completely comfortable with the idea that an average person, in … Continue reading

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The “spontaneous” remission of “incurable” cancer

Many people are unaware of the thousands of cases of cancers reported to have completely resolved and disappeared without any traditional medical curative therapy being involved.  This number is based on the published reports in the medical literature that are … Continue reading

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The much maligned placebo effect.

What has been called “the placebo effect” is an example of the awesome power of the human mind that is usually misunderstood and greatly under-appreciated.  The misunderstanding about its potential value may be due to the disruptive role it is … Continue reading

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The healing power of the human mind: The emotional roots of disease.

In 1995, a large collaborative study involving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Kaiser Permanente’s Health Appraisal Clinic in San Diego was initiated to study the relationship between the abuse and maltreatment of children, and their health and … Continue reading

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“Alternative medicine” versus traditional medical care

How do you feel about “alternative medicine”?  Do you have confidence in treatments that have little or no research to support them, or do you believe it is a mistake to try healing methods that are not supported by traditional … Continue reading

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To nurses, with love

I write this in honor of Tina, a lovely lady friend in the midst of her nursing training.  I have a bias and let me make it crystal clear.  I think God probably has reserved a special place in heaven … Continue reading

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A healing method I would stake my reputation on

There are many variants of what is often called energy tapping therapy that make use of the Chinese acupuncture meridians, but do not involve needles in any way.  Of these, the one developed by Gary Craig that he calls the … Continue reading

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A simple, highly effective healing technique

In this article I am going to present a healing procedure you can apply to yourself or anyone else who has any sort of discomfort or distress.  Of course, no one can guarantee success with something this simple, but the … Continue reading

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