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An incredible book of healing research

                               The effectiveness of this treatment has now been proven in ten                                controlled animal experiments, conducted in five university and                                medical laboratories by trained, skeptical researchers.                                                                      From the introduction to The Energy                                                                      Cure by William Bengston, PhD … Continue reading

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American healthcare in crisis. Part 4: Possible solutions: revisiting the power of the human mind in healing.

Looking back, the first indications we had that the scientific assumptions that underlay modern healthcare were limiting us were not seen in medicine, they became apparent in the physics lab.  In the early twentieth century, research findings began to be … Continue reading

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American healthcare in crisis. Part 3: The evolution of modern western healthcare

What we know today as western medicine began to dramatically diverge from the rest of the world’s healing traditions about three centuries ago.  The main changes did not start within the existing traditions themselves, though, they began as a response … Continue reading

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Announcing the re-organization of this blog for easier access to topics of interest

I have had a number of requests to provide a menu or drop down list of articles categorized by the main topic of the article.  There continues to be a lot of interest in certain older articles and access to … Continue reading

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“Alternative medicine” versus traditional medical care

How do you feel about “alternative medicine”?  Do you have confidence in treatments that have little or no research to support them, or do you believe it is a mistake to try healing methods that are not supported by traditional … Continue reading

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A new name for this blog.

After running this blog for over a month, I have become more and more dissatisfied with the name I have given it:  Consciousness, Spirituality and Healing.  For one thing, it has been hard to answer when someone asked what this … Continue reading

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Healing Tips: Osteoarthritis or “DJD”

In the last 15 years or so, several new over-the-counter (OTC) treatment compounds for arthritic joints have become available.  These new products are a huge potential benefit to a lot of people.  In my medical practice, I have observed that … Continue reading

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