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A Few Impressions from Boston

I am sure the first and most powerful impression we have from Boston in the wake of the bombings has been shock, disgust, sadness and anger. Like the pictures of the planes crashing into the twin towers from over a … Continue reading

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The State of the Blog

Since I posted my first articles over a year and a half ago, this blog has received about 4,500 views. I am reassured by the steady growth in readership and how some of my oldest posts are still receiving a … Continue reading

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Is mankind really in a process of transformation?

We keep hearing that the human race is in a process of transformation, or that we are “ascending” or changing in some dramatic way toward a new level of awareness.  Of course, things are always in a process of change, … Continue reading

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A thank you to the readers of this blog

Recently, this blog passed a little milestone.  The number of page views it has received since its inception recently exceeded a thousand.  Some blogs may get this many views in a day.  There are probably some that get this many … Continue reading

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Announcing the re-organization of this blog for easier access to topics of interest

I have had a number of requests to provide a menu or drop down list of articles categorized by the main topic of the article.  There continues to be a lot of interest in certain older articles and access to … Continue reading

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A new name for this blog.

After running this blog for over a month, I have become more and more dissatisfied with the name I have given it:  Consciousness, Spirituality and Healing.  For one thing, it has been hard to answer when someone asked what this … Continue reading

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