The State of the Blog

Since I posted my first articles over a year and a half ago, this blog has received about 4,500 views. I am reassured by the steady growth in readership and how some of my oldest posts are still receiving a lot of attention. This article will provide a bit of a summary of what is going on with it. It will conclude with a topic near and dear to my heart: a change in direction of the blog that is reflected in a new subheading. It is now subtitled: Science, Spirit and Mind: Toward a Unified View of Our World.

The Countries Readers Come From

Readers come from over 70 different countries. I cannot be more specific since certain countries appear to block the tracking that is necessary to gather this data. For example, I know I have readers in Iran since we sometimes talk via email, yet Iran does not show on my blog statistics. Other locations readers come from that I find particularly interesting include a large number from the Russian Federation, and some from Egypt, Lebanon and Azerbaijan.

Besides the US, here are the five countries from which the biggest groups of readers and followers come, (#1. Being the largest):
1. Australia
2. South Africa
3. Italy
4. Germany
5. United Kingdom

The Five Most Frequently Viewed Articles

1. Hyperemesis Gravidarum. A monograph written for physicians, but many others read it too.
2. Five of the Biggest Mysteries Facing Modern Science.
3. Dealing with Overweight. Part 2: Unfortunate Cultural Stereotypes.
4. A Life Changing Idea. My personal favorite and also the first article of this blog.
5. If an omnipotent Creator exists, and He chose to speak to us, how would we know it was Him?

Other articles that get a lot of views: the Grief eBook, both the Remote Viewing and Remote Influence book chapters (all three found in header, above), and all the articles that describe non-traditional treatments for common illnesses listed under the category Healing tips and prevention strategies (in the column to the right).

A Change in Focus for this Blog

Up until this point, this blog has had a several areas of focus. One focus is a number of articles describing purely medical topics, often with some helpful alternative approaches to common diseases. A second area of interest is found in a number of articles discuss alternative healing methods, particularly what are often labeled “mind-body healing” and “energy medicine.” But the focus I consider most important involves articles I put in the categories of The Cutting edge of Science and The Scientific Evaluation of Psychic Abilities. As I mentioned above, I revised the subtitle of this blog to reflect a change in direction to emphasize this theme. I will be including occasional articles on other topics, but I will be mainly directing my attention to efforts to develop a unified view that integrates our understanding of science, religion and spiritual concepts. A brief description of my rationale follows.

The answers that many of us were raised with to what might be called “ the big questions of life,” are failing us. More and more of us are finding our answers from the past to be unacceptable. For example, the view of the world as exclusively material and mechanical at its core (sometimes called a scientific reductionist view) is being increasing challenged and found wanting by modern scientific research. Also, the common religious view of a God Who exists completely apart from us, and Who created the world as a test for us, is also steadily losing modern followers. Unless I am completely mistaken, more and more of us are looking for answers that are more satisfying, which address all important aspects of our experience, and do not include inherent contradictions.

In my opinion, the deepest questions we face in approaching satisfying answers are: “What is The Truth?” and “How do we know The Truth when we see it?” But these questions present a problem we have had great difficulty in coming to terms with. The Truth is a moving target. Now I do not mean that The Truth is relative. What I mean instead, is that our understanding of The Truth has always been limited, and will always be incomplete. The history of the evolution of human ideas is a process of acquiring ever more information and new insights and incorporating what we find most reliable to pass on to future generations. In this way, our understanding of The Truth continues to grow and develop. But when we fail to appreciate our limitations, and we think we have found absolute answers, our ideas tend to become solidified as unchallenged dogma, and our progress falters. We can even regress.

Perhaps our biggest hurdle to overcome is that the new story now needed must contradict some very widely accepted truths. But change is essential to our progress. We know a great deal more about our universe and about the human mind than was known when many of our current beliefs were first written down and passed on to us. The new story must incorporate both what science has found about the objective reality of our world in the past, and the new information constantly being uncovered. It must also be capable of accommodating the ancient wisdom that we verify as reliable through our own personal experience. This new story must include our increasing understanding of the fundamental unity and interconnection of every part of our world, as well as the spiritual nature of who we are.

Do we have the humility that will allow us at acknowledge that we are still far from a full understanding of the deep mysteries of our cosmos? Do we have the courage to question cherished beliefs when they no longer fit our experience? Whether we are scientists studying sub-atomic particles, ministers presenting our understanding of sacred writings, or spiritual adepts expounding the insights of our deepest meditative states, we are all describing one reality. What is true for any one of us must, at the most fundamental level, be true for all. This, then, is the premise this blog will concentrate on. Only a single, unified view that accepts all of our experience as valid can heal what is now a much divided collective consciousness producing unnecessary suffering for many individuals, and for mankind as a whole.

I would love to have your input on where this blog is going, on any of the articles it contains and especially its new direction.

My best to all,


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About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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11 Responses to The State of the Blog

  1. Wow, this is a great article, Chuck. I loved how you summed up and tied together what you are doing. It felt good to know all the countries that your words are reaching and all that you cover. Well-done. How many years have you been writing your blog now?

    • Thanks, Gloria, for your kind remarks. You know, one of the reasons I like to read your blog articles is that your writing is such a good example for me to emulate. And this is only one of the things I like about what you write!

      I have been writing this blog for a little over a year and a half. Time flies. But I can’t imagine now not working on the projects my blog efforts have spawned. From a purely personal point of view, the benefits have been splendid indeed. This is an observation I should have included in the article. Your comments are much appreciated.

  2. Oldooz says:

    Hi Chuck,
    I think wherever you blog might go it will always be an interesting one…:-)
    One thing I’d like to read here is a blog titled “Who We Are” from your point of view. I don’t know why but this has been in my mind to ask you for a long time.

    Most of the time I use Proxies to open the filtered sites, may be that’s why Iran doesn’t show up in the stats.

    With love,

  3. Thanks, Oldooz, for your kind comments. Iran is definitely one of those countries that do not show up on my blog stats. There seem to be a number of others.

    My next article in the “illusions” series will begin to address an expanded perspective of who we are as based on fairly recent scientific research studies.

    Love and best wishes, always,


  4. Jochen says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Your readers’ statistics is quite interesting. Although, as you know from years past, I do like commenting, I also find that I’m considered slightly or massively off topic much of the time and getting messages to that effect, some of them subtle, others brute. Since this tends to make me shut up and also lose interest a little, I have been reading your blog less and less frequently which may account for the fact that Italy is ahead of Germany ^_^

    I’m not complaining. In all of this, I feel guided just beautifully. And what could I meaningfully contribute when I consider science an hereditary mental disease; when I want only to quote from Heavenletters and discuss their view on science, life, and illness.

    Apart from everything else, I will always love you (and respect this blog) for not censoring. That’s the statement I began making this comment for, one I consider one of two or three crucially important things left in the world of today.

    And as always, I just have to quote another scientific Heaven passage:

    “Let love flow through your veins. Who would have illness when love fills you? There would be no room for illness. Cutting off love attracts illness. With love, there is no place for illness. There would not be names for illnesses, for where love is, illness cannot flourish. Love is clean and clear. Illness is murky. Love and let illness fly out the window.”


    • Jochen,

      It is good to hear from again. It has been a while – I do hope all is well. Many good points you bring out, and they lead me into expanding what I am trying to say in important ways. Thanks for your comment.

      In regards to “off topic” comments. Any comment in good faith is always welcome, no matter what the topic. Any of us can easily and quickly skip over anything off topic that does not interest us at the time. Your comments are clear and insightful and you always speak your mind – no games or beating around the bush. These are qualities I admire and would like to augment in my own writing style. Your comments always add to this blog.

      You speak of science as an hereditary mental illness. I am amused by this metaphor since I se so much truth to it. I think we are all born into the hereditary mental illness of “mass consciousness.” We acquire this illness as babies when our minds are like dry sponges thrown into a bucket of water. The prevailing scientific view of the world, that envisions it as a massive mechanistic device that runs on impartial laws and heartless randomness, is fertile ground to grow mental illness. This point of view is deeply embedded in what I am calling our “mass consciousness.” I think it is a sterile and demeaning way to look at our world and our lives. Luckily, we are moving out of this view and beginning to appreciate the purpose and intelligence built into the very structure of the universe. But we have much to do to clear the inertia of our mistaken ideas.

      Your Heavenletters quote is a nice one. Those who read these letters will enjoy re-reading it. Those who don’t can just skip by it. This brings me the opportunity to bring up a related topic. I follow about a half dozen excellent “channeled” sources of inspiration on the internet, like Heavenletters. These messages are amazingly similar and very stimulating, yet they come from very diverse sources. It is as if they are one message written in many distinct voices. I am considering a blog article about this phenomenon. I am wondering if others would find this topic interesting and useful.

      One of these days, Jochen, I hope to visit Germany and visit with you in person. We will have some fine conversation over some good coffee.



  5. Jochen says:

    Chuck, I’m certainly interested in channeled sources. When I started growing tired of “serious” books somewhere during the early nineties, having translated so many of them myself, I stumbled on channeled material, first the Pathwork, then Seth, then Emmanuel and finally (2007) Heavenletters. I don’t know about currently active other sources, finding Heavenletters thoroughly complete, but I’m definitely interested. Whenever I happen upon snippets from of other sources somewhere, I find myself shuddering slightly because of the “artwork” accompanying content that does not entice me to read much oft it – yet still I’m interested. I may not have seen good sources as I’m still deeply in love with Heavenletters, but I’m sure there must be more of them. These things are in the air, aren’t they? And as Heavenletters state: When something they say resonates with you, it has been yours anyway, only now you start hearing it because something “outside” is being strummed in a way that makes you vibrate to it. One day we, you and I, will effortlessly hear God firsthand, you’ll see. That’s when we will know we aren’t there at all as a Chuck guy and a Jochen bloke…

    You said: “Any comment in good faith is always welcome.” That’s a beautiful expression, “in good faith”. Your good faith is not always recognized nor, indeed, welcome. But here it is, which makes this blog and your heart a good place to be if only for a moment’s embrace.

    I speak of science as an hereditary disease (meaning unease rather than sickness), because it springs from compulsive questioning starting when, reversing your expressive image, we begin to dry up after we came into this world fully moistened, saturated. “You came with nothing but Me”, as HL #1 has it, a sentence which shakes me ever more deeply. After coming with nothing but God, somethings strange happens, engendering a sense of “something wrong” or “terribly wrong” which in turn starts us questioning. The questioning does not immediately know its true direction and goes into researching things apparently outside, things that aren’t there at all, that are simply projected and than taken for real and then studied, dissected etc. As countless Heavenletters say, there is nothing at all, all simply imagined but not really, materially there. We can follow the Eliot procedure (“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”) or shift from exploring to imploring any moment. It is good to have both options for on what looks like surface, we are different.

    • I completely agree with you, Jochen, that things like the channeling of “spiritual” insights have virtually exploded in their wide availability on the internet. My personal belief is that our Source is always trying to communicate with us in every moment. The problem, as I see it, is that we are not always open to hear the messages. I think that the “channeling” sources are part of this ongoing process. The channelers vary enormously in value of what they write. I think some are more clear conduits than others. Some even seem to be channeling mud while, at the other end of the continuum, some glisten like diamonds. I feel like I have two guides in this discrimination. One is how my feelings resonate with what I hear or read. I cannot explain or prove what feels right to me, but I know it just like I know exactly how an orange tastes. The second guide is how the message I hear links in with what I believe is true about the reality I live in. The best of the channelers are very consistent with each other, and their messages match nicely with my own personal experiences, including my understanding of what science tells me.

      I will email you a list of the best guidance from the channeling sources I have come across, with a little explanation of the pros and cons of each. If someone else is interested in this list, they can attach a comment to this thread, or send me an email directly (

      I do not believe that “science” is a completely monolithic set of beliefs, but there are certain widely shared beliefs and theories that most scientists accept and which modern society also assumes to be true. I actually do believe that certain of these beliefs foster real disease and illness. This is not a consequence of science in general, just certain widely shared (and often unquestioned) beliefs. This is an emerging awareness of mine. You could call it a theory of the cause of disease. I work with two very broad and somewhat separate ideas on this blog. One is about disease and about which techniques foster healing. The other is about the nature of the human mind and consciousness. I think these two strands are eventually going to merge. Not just for me, but also for our shared popular wisdom and our scientific understanding.

  6. Oldooz says:

    Jochen, heeellloooo….

    I was looking for you on Heavenletters forum. I have missed you. How are you?
    Nice to see you again,


  7. Jochen says:

    Oldooz, dear, hello!
    I am fine, in fact, “getting better all the time”. I’m not on the forum any more except as a reader.

    But I’m always happy and relieved to hear from you, especially after periods of silence.


  8. Oldooz says:

    I’m happy to hear from you too…:-)

    Lots of love,

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