If you have been referred to this website for access to a self-healing strategy, you can find links to two of the most imporant ones, acupressure and controlled breathing, in the navigation bar at the top of this home page (if you using a computer). If you are using a smart phone, you can access these links by selecting the menu option on this home page.

Access to my blog has been moved, you can find it here.

If, however, you are here because you find the theme of this site intriguing, then I encourage you to read on. What follows is an orientation and guide to this site’s contents.


Most of us are absolutely certain that something exists beyond the physical materials that make up our world. We intuitively recognize that an invisible source of incredible power and purpose lies behind the stunning beauty of the setting sun, the awesome complexity of the universe, and the marvelous order and lawfulness of its structure.

If your life has been at all like mine, the view of the world passed on to us in our youth failed to completely answer some of our most important questions. For me, these teachings also contain uncomfortable and conflicting ideas that brought with them nagging anxiety and doubt. As I learned more about the world’s most widely accepted belief systems, it became clear to me that what most everyone believes is what they were raised to believe, and what they hold so firmly to be true is almost always a result of the location and culture in which they were born. But, what if what we believe so firmly is misleading, not the whole story, or just plain wrong?

In part, this site is dedicated to this measure of doubt that there may be more to the world and more to our lives than we currently understand. It may seem, from what I have written so far, that I am referring only to our religious or spiritual beliefs, but I am referring to just about everything most of us now hold as true — including our most widely accepted scientific theories, and the teachings that support modern medical advances.

This site is also dedicated to an extraordinary idea. The tools of modern science have now reached a level of sophistication that they are disclosing undeniable proof that invisible, spiritual influences not only absolutely do exist, they are also continuously playing crucial roles in the world’s physical events. These are not just theoretical or esoteric claims! They have vitally important implications for our everyday lives. And because they can be objectively and repeatedly confirmed, this reliability gives them tremendous potential to transform our lives for the better. They also promise to help repair the rift that still exists between the scientific view of the world and the many doctrines of the world’s religions.

As I have worked with this revolutionary idea, that spiritual influnces are constantly at work in every aspect of the physical world, and explored its implications, many of the things that puzzled me in the past are beginning to make much more sense, the universe is feeling a lot more benevolent and a lot less dangerous, and I am ever more confident in what the future holds for us. My fondest hope is that the contents of this site will help others as they are helping me.

I am an American physician with a conventional medical education and over twenty years’ experience in the private practice of general internal medicine. But despite all the successes I have witnessed from the use of this background and training, and as a consequence of the insights I have been presenting, I now know beyond any doubt that much of what is still accepted as common wisdom is mistaken. For those who want to know more about me and the events that started the realignment of my understanding that I am describing on this site, an extended discussion can be found at my About Me page in the navigation bar, above.

In the the next section of this introductory page, you will find several sub-sections to guide you to topics and resources that may be of special interest to you. Each of these sub-sections will provide a short description of the content of the posts or pages it contains, including links to access them.


Some Amazing Self-Healing Techniques. The articles in this section describe tools anyone can use and which do not require medical training to be sucessful with them.

Modern Medical Science is Missing Something Extremely Important (a general orientation)

A Simple, Highly Effective Healing Technique (my acupressure page)

Controlled Breathing (a simple method to relieve stress and improve insomnia)


Miraculous healings, the Spontaneous Remission of “Incurable” Cancer and the Nature of Illness and Disease. This section contains links to articles that delve deeply into the nature of disease. While it is based on scholarly scientific work, I think the articles will be of great interest to anyone who suspects modern medical science is only one way to approach human illness, and other approaches to healing exist that have tremendous potential.

Scientific Support for New Testament Teachings (an in-depth series of four blog posts that explore the scientific research confirming many spiritual teachings)

The Healing Power of the Human Mind: the Emotional Roots of Disease (evidence that
physical illness can result from emotional causes)

The Much Maligned Placebo Effect (evidence that our beliefs have enormous healing potential)

The “Spontaneous” Remission of “Incurable” Cancer (exploring unexplained, sometimes dramatic, cures)

An Incredible Book of Healing Research (proof of the effectiveness of healing intent by human subjects to cure experimental cancers in laboratory rats, when all possible physical mechanisms to explain the cures have been eliminated)

Remote Viewing Book Chapter (a rough draft of a book chapter written by me that includes a discussion of research into healing by mental intent, with citations)


Unifying Science and Spirit within a Single Understanding of Reality. The following links connect to several pages, in rough draft form, that present insights that imply the need to reunify the divided, dualistic view of the world we have inherited. The titles are fairly self-explanatory.

Is the world real or is it an Illusion?

The Illusion of an Exclusively Material Universe

Using Scientific Tools to Study Spiritual Questions

Three Illusions Misleading Modern Society


To finish this introductory page, I want to summarize my view of the implications for our future based on the kinds of information this site contains.  Once we fully embrace the expanded view of the nature of who we are and of how the world is evolving that is now emerging, we will experience dramatic beneficial changes that will greatly improve our lives.  We are at the dawn of a new day for humantity on earth!  We are seeing new scientific and technological advances occuring that will eventually allow us to eliminate hunger and poverty.  A new understanding of the nature of human health and disease is emerging which will dramatically increase our life span and decrease the incidence of chronic diseases, while also greatly decreasing our dependence on pharmaceuticals to accomplish all this.  We will also continue to see increased religious tolerance that is allowing us to better accept that while many religious teachings contain portions of Divine Truth, none have a monopoly on it.  Perhaps most important of all, we are moving ever closer to the end of humanity’s addiction to going to war with each other.

Thank you for reading this introductory page.  I hope this site contians information you find encouraging and ideas you will find useful.

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