An incredible book of healing research

                               The effectiveness of this treatment has now been proven in ten

                               controlled animal experiments, conducted in five university and

                               medical laboratories by trained, skeptical researchers.

                                                                     From the introduction to The Energy

                                                                     Cure by William Bengston, PhD

About thirty-five years ago, Dr. Bengston learned to treat illness using hands-on healing from a friend with psychic abilities.  He knew that modern medical science was not ready to accept such “outrageous” claims as the ability to cure advanced cancers by a laying-on of the hands.  He took his technique to the biology lab to conclusively prove what he knew to be true.  His genius was to use a very well defined mouse model using a mammary cancer strain that was 100% fatal within fourteen to twenty-seven days of injection.  This book details his experience in this research and the rejection of his findings by other scientists as just too good to be true.

In decades of research using this same strain of mice carefully bred for this scientific purpose, and using this same strain of cancer, never had even one mouse survived over twenty-seven days.  Then along comes Dr. Bengston to show how nearly all of the mice treated by his healing technique survive to live a normal healthy life span.  Most of the healers were skeptical students with no known healing abilities until they were trained to use this new technique.  This is not sloppy research.  It is carried out using the most careful protocols involving randomized controls.  If you trust that the scientific method properly followed will result in reliable conclusions, then you have to accept that it is possible to do hands-on healing and to teach it to virtually anyone.

These insights alone make this an exceptionally valuable book for anyone interested in medicine, illness and healing of any kind.  But it also holds a wealth of insight about how highly trained scientists react to research results that do not fit their scientific worldview.  Dr. Bengston found it necessary to keep moving to new labs because the results were too threatening to the professionals involved.  Once the department heads were assured that the research was properly carried out and followed the highest scientific standards, they all had the same response.  “Get this out of my laboratory, I don’t want my department and my name associated with it.”

If you believe properly conducted scientific research will teach us about how our world works, and you are interested in healing, you will greatly enjoy and learn a lot from this book.

As always, please let me know what you are thinking about this article.  If you have already read this book, I’d love to hear what you thought about it.



About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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