The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 10: Epilogue: Insights With the Power to Heal

I hope that reading these articles has been as useful to you as writing them has been for me.  I see this epilogue as the payoff for the work of carefully considering the research findings and the conclusions within these articles.  In this epilogue, you will find what I believe to be the most important implications of everything discussed.

First, let me suggest an answer to a centuries old dilemma.  The dilemma involves what philosophers call dualism.  The question they raised is how something as ephemeral, insubstantial and immaterial as the workings of the human mind could possibly interact with things as substantial and solid as the physical objects of the material world and the cells of the human body.  Whole schools of philosophy arose attempting to provide answers to this question.  None was ever found to be completely satisfactory.  I think this new research provides such an answer.  First, the research answers the first part of the question by unequivocally demonstrating that thoughts do impact physical events.  Second, it answers the second part of the question by showing that consciousness is the primary force in the interaction as it guides and modifies physical reality.  This is how the insubstantial things of the mind interact with the material world; they guide them and they modify them through the focused intent of the mind to do so. 

Let’s next consider the emotional impact brought about in our mass consciousness by the “intellectual experiment” I described in the last article.  Recall that the experiment involved accepting the belief that nothing but physically measurable particles and forces exist and that therefore everything that exists can be explained as a product of their interactions.  As this belief became ever more deeply engrained in our thinking, damaging emotional consequences were inevitable.  Life came to be viewed by scientists as originating from the random reactions of chemicals in some primordial swamp.   Life, as a product of this accident, was seen as lacking any creative purpose.  Later, as scientists concluded that our mind was only a product of the firing of neurons in our brain, the idea of free will came to be viewed as an illusion.  Our status was reduced to that of virtual automations responding to the influences of our environment.  With the widespread acceptance of this view of the world, the lack of meaning in our lives became nearly complete.  Also in line with this point of view, death had to be the total and irrevocable end of each individual consciousness.

A repair process for this emotional damage begins as we start to accept the research findings that conclusively show that nonphysical actions clearly exist.   If anything nonphysical exists, the belief in an exclusively materialistic basis of our universe is clearly in error.  This acceptance re-opens the door to the possibility that certain religious and spiritual beliefs might be true, a door that science had slammed shut for many of us.  Research demonstrating interactions which transcend physical processes acts like a key allowing us to re-open the locked door to the meaning of our lives and to the continuance of our individual consciousness beyond the life span of our body.  The inferences based on this research, which indicate that our universe is both purposeful and supportive, are like a view of an entirely different world.  The meaning of our lives as part of an overall plan once again emerges.  The goals of the plan itself may not be clearly seen, but that we have a unique role in that plan is unmistakable.  With the acceptance of the purposefulness of the design, the feelings many have had of being victimized by mindless random events come into question.

The conclusion that we are actually powerful beings who nonphysically reach out from our body to gain information from and remold distant events begins to reform our image of ourselves.  We begin to see that we are much more responsible for what we experience than we ever imagined.  Our natural belief in our freedom to act willfully and responsibly is strengthened.   We also see evidence that our true essence is less like the physical, mortal and more like the spiritual, immortal.

Carefully studying the research referenced in this group of articles carries with it the potential for life changing insights.  If you find the work to be sound and the conclusions to be accurate, a whole new view of who we are and the basic nature of our world emerges, in complete contrast to what the vast majority of mankind still accepts as truth.  This new view has the potential to eliminate many of the sources of anxiety in our lives.  The universe begins to be seen as purposeful and designed to support us and provide for our needs.  We also begin to see ourselves as beings of great potential and power that have a future which can anticipated with great confidence and enthusiasm.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me,


About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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5 Responses to The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 10: Epilogue: Insights With the Power to Heal

  1. Jochen says:

    Dear Chuck,

    I’m always in awe of people who so painstakingly and patiently compile and analyze and then synthesize things to make a point or two. Let those people be our doctors.

    Still, some minds such as mine work differently, in a more unsystematic, nonlinear or maybe intuitive way, and perhaps only all mentalities together can work the wonders that lie “ahead”.

    As you will remember, Seth had a few interesting things to say about science. The one thing that stands out for me is that scientific instruments and detectors are designed and built according to scientific hypotheses and thus (with the rare exception of surprises brought about by unconscious and perhaps unscientific hypotheses) can only detect and register things that are within the range of those hypotheses. It seems to me that this is very deep, its implications not fully appreciated.

    I have never had any difficulties with remote viewing and all those nonlocal effects, with all kinds of nonmaterial healing approaches etc. Heavenletters repeatedly state that absolutely nothing is impossible for us, and at the same time they say there is nothing, nothing at all. You may recall how much I love those statements. I feel in deep accord with them, even if at the same time the belief in the reality of things as defined by science and so-called common sense is still in place. So, although I will always try to avoid a truck I see coming toward me by standard means, at the same time I am certain that there is nothing at all except as I perceive it.

    Beyond those seeming billions or trillions of years, beyond the big bang and the big crunch before it and the big bang before that and so on, where would anything real be coming from? Where would real matter be coming from? Some try to avoid the issue by claiming that what we perceive as existing must have been there “all along” in some form or other. I believe that’s a verbal cop-out. “All along” – things being there but having no beginning – is unthinkable und thus quite irrational, perhaps desperate avoidance of God. So the other possibility is God creating everything ex nihilo. I’m sure that’s what happened , but why should God create r e a l matter out of nothing? What for? To impress us or himself? I’m sure he didn’t do that. I’m sure everything that seems to be objectively there is just seen, just projected, just perceived, just imagined. Why should not imagination be as real as this? It is real enough in our dreams, after all. And how could there be matter when there is no space and no time as Heavenletters keep repeating? There simply isn’t. I’m certain that’s literally true: there is no real matter.

    What a relief to know that all this blood, all this lying and hating and killing for money, power, fame and whatnot is just images conjured up by some poor diseased mind. Our mind. My mind. It does conceive of beautiful things too, but it seems about time to heal that diseased part.

    When God, Source, Spirit, Universal Vibration, Oneness “started” that big, wonderful and loving experiment of seeming separation, of seemingly forgetting, of oneness seemingly splitting into multiple things, of Being seemingly splitting into beings, questions arose among some of those seeming beings and the Seth game of hypotheses and confirming or refuting hypotheses began. In the process, through questions, hypotheses, research and more questions, things began to appear as real more and more. And that’s where we are “now”, the one of us as Heavenletters have it. Photons behave the way they do because, unbeknownst to us, we want them to help us burst a world view that has become a prison – if only in imagination.

    So, whatever the one of us perceives, is perceived into seeming reality and stability this very moment. Otherwise, there is no reality to any thing at all.

    I suppose that most of the one of us still need to see things as substantially real, and for them I am happy that they will have another profound book soon which will help them loosen the knots of “long-held” materialistic beliefs.

  2. samaryo says:

    Dear Chuck
    I wrote a comment and lost it because I was told that I was not logged in. So I will start again.
    You are a very good writer and I congratulate you on your work.
    I have read Jochen’s comments but I believe that this book is not written for people like him. The majority of people do not have his insight or his beliefs.

    I do not have a scientific mind so I had to read slowly but you explain things very well. I have always been happy to accept that things work and leave it at that. My brother is different and always needs to question everything. In 1967 when I was 17 and in my first job, I bought myself a portable record player. I had not had it very long when my younger brother, who was 13 or 14 then, decided to make it work with electricity instead of batteries. So while I was at work and without asking my permission, he opened it up and made adjustments. When I got home I found that my record player no longer worked. He didn’t even seem to understand why I was so upset. I never had another record player. Not surprisingly, after completing school he became an electrician.

    There are still very many closed-minded people around who need to read this book. There are people who believe, as I used to, years ago, that only special people have psychic powers. Some people even believe that using psychic powers means that you are working with the devil.

    Thankfully I am no longer in the ranks of these people but I appreciate your desire to help people understand how life really works.


  3. Dear Jochen and Mary,

    I very much appreciate both of your comments. I think Seth’s comment about the limitations of scientific research apply to a very mechanistic set of scientific theories that most scientists still adhere strictly to. There is a new breed of scientists, though, that are beginning to think along the lines I have described in these articles. I don’t think Seth’s comment applies to these new ways of analyzing our reality.

    The idea of a physical world without a beginning is not so hard for me to accept. What I have a hard time with is the idea of something being created out of nothing. That is, the concept that at some point there was absolutely nothing in existence and then somehow something showed up spontaneously without a cause.

    From your comment, Jochen, I agree with Mary that my forthcoming book may not be useful for you. I do believe, though, that there are many folks who will find it interesting and helpful.

    I am a bit like your brother, Mary, who disassembled your record player. I am one who always likes to know how things work.

    Thanks to you both for your very interesting comments,


  4. Jochen says:

    The bottom line, Chuck, is probably something Heavenletters keep stressing: Do what you love doing. Since writing that book is something you love doing, it’s going to be a wonderful book, no doubt about that.

    But just what if. I love what-ifs. What if science does not discover but create? What if all discovery is really creation? I suspect it is. And perhaps even certain aspects of quantum mechanics already point in that direction.

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