The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 9: A New Way to Use Science to Study Spirit

Our view of things is fractured in two.  We have mentally carved the cosmos and the contents of our lives into two distinct and separate types of reality.  One reality type we call spirit or soul; it’s more like the contents of our imagination than the material contents of our world.  It is the subject of our religions, our myths and our spiritual beliefs.  The other reality we call the objective world.  It is the subject of our science, our technology and our everyday lives.  This perspective, that our view of everything is fractured, arises naturally from the insights provided by the research I have been reviewing in this series of articles.  From this emerging perspective, a spiritual reality not only definitely exists, it is an integral part that is essential to understanding how objective reality unfolds.  The nonphysical interactions I have been describing clearly show us that spiritual reality and objective reality form one interwoven whole that makes up who we are and how our world functions.

Looking back on our history, we see that we did not get to this point in our view of the cosmos by accident.  Archeological artifacts and historical records show that many of our ancestors conceived of a whole series of spiritual beings that they believed controlled the important events of their lives.  They sacrificed to them and prayed to them to gain their favor in a desire to gain control over such things as weather and food sources.  Eventually most religious beliefs became monotheistic, but followers of the monotheistic religions still saw the Supreme Being as separate from them and entirely off in another reality accessible only through prayer and supplication.  Certain religious or spiritual specialists were often viewed as having unique access to spiritual power, but the ability to mobilize spiritual influences has rarely been believed to be directly available to the average individual. 

With the emergence of modern science several centuries ago, this earlier division in our view of spirit and the world of matter became much deeper and much more complete.  It was as if the earliest scientists began an intellectual experiment in completely eliminating any role for anything spiritual from their studies and their theories and how they conceptualized their world.   This step in ignoring the reality of any effects that were not physically demonstrated was probably necessary for the dramatic success of our science and technology over the past few centuries.  The understanding is now developing, though, even among scientists, that we are at a point where further significant scientific and technological advances will require that we give up this intellectual experiment and find ways to reintegrate our understanding of science with our understanding of spirit.  We need to take the next step in our growing understanding of our cosmos; this reintegration is now becoming essential.

What scientists are finding in the physics lab illustrates the point I am making.  To explain the results of experiments with sub-atomic structures, physicists have found that human consciousness must be considered and taken into account as part of the experimental systems they are studying.  Many of the predictions of quantum mechanics, completely verified by the experimental data, are not compatible with the mechanistic conception of the earlier Newtonian physics that ignores the conscious awareness of the investigator.  Further support for my point (that many future advances in science await a deeper understanding of nonphysical interactions) comes from modern medical research.  We are experiencing a rapid rise in both healthcare costs and medically induced side effects as we continue to doggedly follow our current physical and mechanical approach to disease and its treatments.  New research is showing that many of the more natural alternatives, relying more directly on the innate power of the human mind instead of drugs and surgery, will go a long way toward resolving these dilemmas.

It is time to heal this fracture in our view of the world that has so completely separated science and spirit.  For the first time in our history, our tools are sophisticated enough to accomplish this.  Modern scientific research methods, coupled with powerful statistical analyses of the research results, are now allowing us to demonstrate subtle nonphysical effects never before available for us to study using physically based methods.  By completely isolating research subjects, instructing them to focus their intent on distant targets, and correlating the changes that result with the subject’s intent, we can now effectively use sophisticated physical research techniques to study nonphysical interactions. 

We can begin to use the human mind like a nonphysical measuring device similar to the way we use a voltmeter to measure an invisible electric field.  We can use this methodology to explore the details of how both nonphysical connectivity and human focused intent works in modifying distant physical events.  We can study how similar and conflicting intents from a large group of individuals impact the same target.  We can study concepts like the popular “law of attraction” which claim that conscious and even subconscious beliefs change the events around us.  We can also explore how focused human intent can apparently have effects back in the past or out in the future.  The possibilities are endless.

This type of approach may produce objective and reliable answers to questions that we have never been able to answer in the past.  I believe it may even be possible to reach more agreement on religious and philosophical beliefs that have divided mankind for millennia.  What I predict we will see is less need for reliance on our faith in the revelations a few sages concerning spiritual matters and far more effective science and technology to give us direct access to answers to our most important spiritual questions.  In addition, we may well heal a profound psychological disruption that lies within our view of the world.  For perhaps the first time, we may be able to encompass everything we believe and experience within a single, unified view of reality.

The next article in this series will be the last.  I will summarize what I have presented and discuss its most important implications for our lives.

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I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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