Scientific Support for New Testament Teachings

I have placed 4 articles on my blog that explore and summarize a large number of high quality scientific research studies which support many spiritual teachings, especially those found in the New Testament Gospels. These articles are fairly long, but they survey a lot of very important topics that may way provide new surprising conclusions. Each article ends with a list of citations that can be used to verify what I say in the articles.

Reading these articles should provide important insights:

* They may deepen your faith in spiritual teachings you already hold to be true.

* They may better clarify certain Biblical passages which have become unclear over time.

* They suggest a new understanding of the causes of chronic disease.

* They point the way toward highly effective self healing techniques that most anyone can use.

A word of caution: Members of certain faith traditions may be offended by the idea of using the findings of scientific research as guidance for interpreting or evaluating Biblical passages. If this is true for you, just go no further. But if you are interested and willing to consider this concept, here are the links to these blog articles. Each article is written so that it can stand alone, but they build on each other and will be most useful if read in order.

Scientific Support for New Testament Teachings 1:

 “The Good News”

Scientific Support for New Testament teachings 2:

“If ye have the faith as a grain of mustard seed”

Scientific Support for New Testament Teachings 3:

“Power against unclean spirits”

Scientific Support for New Testament Teachings 4:

  “…and greater works than these shall he do…”