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Modern Medical Science is Missing Something Extremely Important

Our modern medical educational system presents itself as the ultimate source of the deepest understanding of the nature of disease. It has also thoroughly embraced the scientific method as the only reliable and accurate means of exploring the nature of … Continue reading

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An incredible book of healing research

                               The effectiveness of this treatment has now been proven in ten                                controlled animal experiments, conducted in five university and                                medical laboratories by trained, skeptical researchers.                                                                      From the introduction to The Energy                                                                      Cure by William Bengston, PhD … Continue reading

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The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 5: Thoughts Can Change Distant Events

In the last article of this series, I presented research that conclusively shows that people can sit in an isolated room and gather information from distant sites at will.  Even more remarkable, there is no limit found to which sites … Continue reading

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