The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 5: Thoughts Can Change Distant Events

In the last article of this series, I presented research that conclusively shows that people can sit in an isolated room and gather information from distant sites at will.  Even more remarkable, there is no limit found to which sites can be targeted.  For most of us, this dramatically changes our image of our potentials as human beings.  In this article, we will expand our image of our potential power even further.

In the book that I am writing that I referred to in the last article, I have also included a chapter about research studies in which human subjects intend to actually change distant targets solely through the action of their mind.   This article will be a short summary of that chapter and will briefly consider the most important implications.  Like I did for the last article, I will provide a copy of the rough draft of my book chapter covering this topic in the header to this blog.  The name of the chapter entry is titled: Remote Influence book chapter.

There are several types of research covered in this chapter that involve humans being physically isolated from their targets and to either mentally intend to heal others, to change processes like chemical reactions or even to change the output of mechanical devices.  I will focus here on studies involving changing the output of mechanical random number generators since they are the best documented, but the observations apply to all these fields of study.  Like the research in the last chapters, these studies meet the highest scientific standards, are carried out by very experienced scientists and have been successfully replicated by independent research teams following similar protocols.  

Just like in the Remote Viewing research studies, these mental intention experiments conclusively show that these are abilities all human beings possess.  Also, like the distant data gathering research, for most subjects the ability is subtle and requires sophisticated research protocols and statistical analyses to confirm its presence within the data.  Furthermore, the facts that distance and time in no way limit these effects, and that all physical means to explain these results are completely blocked, show the mechanisms of these actions to be nonphysical.

Here we have added several more groups of anomalous research findings that have all the same characteristics of both the physics research findings and the remote viewing results.  Given the way all these studies are designed, no physical mechanisms could possibly be mediating their actions.  But why should all these research fields be showing results that deviate in identical ways from well established physical laws?  The only reasonable conclusion is that these patterns of deviation are not errors and they are not accidental.  They are telling us something very important about our world.  We are finding that our understanding of the physical world and the nature of our role in it needs major revision.

We also see again that our access to these nonphysical effects is through focusing the human mind with this intent.  Where inanimate particles automatically respond to the status of other particles, as shown in articles two and three, here in this article and the last one, we see that human intent can actually produce these kinds of effects.  Conscious human intent is shown to be exerting some sort of nonphysical controlling influence.

Just as in the studies of remote viewing, the effects of what I am calling remote influence are not all that impressive for most people studied.   The pivotal message, though, concerns how these abilities further expand our understanding of who we are.  It seems that the expansion here is even more incredible than what we found in the last chapter.  Somehow, our decisions and the intents we hold in our minds can impact any event anywhere, independent of distance or time.  Not only can our mind reach infinitely out beyond our body’s physical location to gather information, it can also reach out in an unlimited fashion to change distant events.

All the research reviewed so far shows that the physical world is interconnected into one unified system in a fashion hidden from our usual awareness.  We are also finding that not only is human consciousness an integral part of it, we are capable of exerting  controlling influences on any part of this system.

In the next article, we will take a much broader view of how the whole system of physical processes and inanimate matter is organized within our world.  This view will tie in nicely with what we have discussed so far.

About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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