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Modern Medical Science is Missing Something Extremely Important

Our modern medical educational system presents itself as the ultimate source of the deepest understanding of the nature of disease. It has also thoroughly embraced the scientific method as the only reliable and accurate means of exploring the nature of … Continue reading

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Dealing with overweight. Part 11: Mysterious emotions

I see a certain pattern over and over as people ask me for help losing weight and we begin working towards this goal.  I don’t completely understand it and much about it is mysterious, indeed.  It is not the most … Continue reading

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Dealing with overweight. Part 8: What about sugar and starches?

There is much confusion about the importance of sugar and starches in the diet.  They are categorized as carbohydrates but they both end up as simple sugars within the body once they are digested.  Many people seem to think that since they both are … Continue reading

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The healing power of the human mind: The emotional roots of disease.

In 1995, a large collaborative study involving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Kaiser Permanente’s Health Appraisal Clinic in San Diego was initiated to study the relationship between the abuse and maltreatment of children, and their health and … Continue reading

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“Alternative medicine” versus traditional medical care

How do you feel about “alternative medicine”?  Do you have confidence in treatments that have little or no research to support them, or do you believe it is a mistake to try healing methods that are not supported by traditional … Continue reading

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A healing method I would stake my reputation on

There are many variants of what is often called energy tapping therapy that make use of the Chinese acupuncture meridians, but do not involve needles in any way.  Of these, the one developed by Gary Craig that he calls the … Continue reading

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A simple, highly effective healing technique

In this article I am going to present a healing procedure you can apply to yourself or anyone else who has any sort of discomfort or distress.  Of course, no one can guarantee success with something this simple, but the … Continue reading

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