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The much maligned placebo effect.

What has been called “the placebo effect” is an example of the awesome power of the human mind that is usually misunderstood and greatly under-appreciated.  The misunderstanding about its potential value may be due to the disruptive role it is … Continue reading

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Dealing with overweight. Part 8: What about sugar and starches?

There is much confusion about the importance of sugar and starches in the diet.  They are categorized as carbohydrates but they both end up as simple sugars within the body once they are digested.  Many people seem to think that since they both are … Continue reading

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Announcing the re-organization of this blog for easier access to topics of interest

I have had a number of requests to provide a menu or drop down list of articles categorized by the main topic of the article.  There continues to be a lot of interest in certain older articles and access to … Continue reading

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