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Miraculous Healing, the Spontaneous Remission of Cancer, and Near Death Experiences

When a devastating illness strikes us or someone we love, we want to know “Why?” Our heart cries out: “Why him?” or “Why her?” or “Why me?” We may even demand an answer to: “God, how could You let this … Continue reading

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Modern Medical Science is Missing Something Extremely Important

Our modern medical educational system presents itself as the ultimate source of the deepest understanding of the nature of disease. It has also thoroughly embraced the scientific method as the only reliable and accurate means of exploring the nature of … Continue reading

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Seeing the World through New Eyes

This is the next installment in my series of articles describing illusions deeply embedded in our modern view of the world.  In earlier articles I have shown how the methods of science can be quite effectively turned toward topics considered … Continue reading

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Four Quotes from Rumi worth Contemplating

I was recently reading a series of articles by Antonia Dodge on the Genius Awakening blog. Antonia had quoted 13 insights from the thirteenth century mystic, Rumi, and commented on how they applied to her life. Very thought provoking and … Continue reading

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A Few Impressions from Boston

I am sure the first and most powerful impression we have from Boston in the wake of the bombings has been shock, disgust, sadness and anger. Like the pictures of the planes crashing into the twin towers from over a … Continue reading

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Three Illusions Misleading Modern Society

Finally, in this article, we really get into the meat of the issues this series of articles is all about. We will begin to discuss illusions that have had an enormous influence in shaping the world we live in. But … Continue reading

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The State of the Blog

Since I posted my first articles over a year and a half ago, this blog has received about 4,500 views. I am reassured by the steady growth in readership and how some of my oldest posts are still receiving a … Continue reading

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Using Scientific Tools to Study Spiritual Questions

In the first article of this series, I examined the idea that many of us are misled by certain illusions about what is important in our lives. In the second article, I proposed that one of these illusions involves the … Continue reading

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The Illusion of an Exclusively Material Universe

This article is the second in a series exploring a number of erroneous beliefs that can combine to mislead us about who we are and what is most important in our lives. I picture these illusions as existing in layers … Continue reading

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Is the world real or is it an illusion?

    Since you have at least started reading this article, something about this question must have caught your attention and prodded you to explore the idea further.  After having considered it in some depth, I have come to the conclusion that … Continue reading

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