A healing method I would stake my reputation on

There are many variants of what is often called energy tapping therapy that make use of the Chinese acupuncture meridians, but do not involve needles in any way.  Of these, the one developed by Gary Craig that he calls the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is far and away the most popular, and certainly one of the most effective.  EFT incorporates carefully formulated wording and affirmations along with the tapping and has very sophisticated insights crafted into it. There are hundreds of thousands of people who use EFT all over the world.  Some learned it from the free resources readily available on-line, some attended EFT seminars and some were taught by other users of the method.  It is that simple to learn and requires no prior training of any kind.  I strongly recommend you at least look into it if you are not already familiar with it.  It integrates well with standard medical care, but I would never recommend it to be used in lieu of good quality medical care for serious illness (unless that care is just not available at the time).

If you want to learn it, here are some of the best resources to start with.  Begin with the  http://eftuniverse.com/ site.  Sign up for the free newsletter which also includes a free downloadable mini-manual.  The newsletter alone is a wonderful resource that includes reports from practitioners all over the world usually published once or twice a week.  Thousands of reports are archived and searchable there which document the use of EFT for all kinds of problems.

If you want a much more detailed and authoritative explanation, Gary Craig has published The EFT Manual which is readily available at Amazon and very inexpensive.  Alternatively, you can rent Gary’s teaching DVDs which are also quite good.  Of course, given its popularity, training seminars and practitioners of EFT are easily located.

If you need further evidence to be convinced, obtain a copy of the recently released video documentary Operation Emotional Freedom: The Answer.  This video takes you through the actual cases and treatments of injured and disabled vets from several wars who suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome.  If this video does not move you to tears as you watch the suffering of many years duration transformed to smiles, your heart is made of stone.

That a technique could be as simple to learn and use as EFT and yet be highly effective for so many physical and emotional problems may strike you as incredibly unlikely.  If it does, I know how you feel; that is how I felt as I first learned of it.  But as I have used it myself, read many of the reports in the archives and talked personally to some of the people who wrote those reports, I can tell you it is all genuine despite how hard it may be to believe.  Once you learn it and have a success or two under your belt by treating yourself or others, I am confident that you will never regret following my advice.

Wishing you great health and much happiness,


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An easy to use acupressure tapping technique I developed based on EFT: A Simple, Highly Effective Healing Technique

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I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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6 Responses to A healing method I would stake my reputation on

  1. I like your blog very much. I feel your honesty and caring. I wish there were a doctor here like you.
    Thanks, Chuck.

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