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An incredible book of healing research

                               The effectiveness of this treatment has now been proven in ten                                controlled animal experiments, conducted in five university and                                medical laboratories by trained, skeptical researchers.                                                                      From the introduction to The Energy                                                                      Cure by William Bengston, PhD … Continue reading

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The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 8: A More Enlightened View of Who We Really Are

Now we get to the most important messages of this series of articles.  If you exclude the few people who are very adept at activities like remote viewing and healing by mental intent, the abilities of the average research subject … Continue reading

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What if your memory was twenty as powerful and you were twenty times as creative?

(estimated reading time: twelve minutes)   According to many neuroscientists and researchers who study the human brain, we are using less than five percent of our mind’s potential.  What if this was not only true, but you could find a … Continue reading

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