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The Meaning of Life

 This is a topic of interest to a lot of people.  If you type the phrase into the Google AdWords tool, you find that, in the last month, about 550 thousand people have typed this phase or one very similar … Continue reading

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The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 4: Perceiving Beyond the Five senses

ESP and “psychic” abilities have had a bad reputation among most scientists.   A major reason for this attitude is that the evidence for psychic abilities has been considered anecdotal since it has not been reliably repeatable and, as a consequence, … Continue reading

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Five of the biggest mysteries facing modern science

You might be wondering where I obtained my list.  I hope you are not disappointed that I produced it myself.  I have given a lot of thought to these topics and they all relate to the book about the hidden … Continue reading

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What if your memory was twenty as powerful and you were twenty times as creative?

(estimated reading time: twelve minutes)   According to many neuroscientists and researchers who study the human brain, we are using less than five percent of our mind’s potential.  What if this was not only true, but you could find a … Continue reading

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