The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 8: A More Enlightened View of Who We Really Are

Now we get to the most important messages of this series of articles.  If you exclude the few people who are very adept at activities like remote viewing and healing by mental intent, the abilities of the average research subject in these studies are not very impressive.  In fact, it takes sophisticated research protocols utilizing powerful statistical analysis to conclusively demonstrate that the average subject actually possesses any such abilities.  This is why it has only been relatively recently that this kind of proof has been available.  It would be a huge mistake, though, to conclude that because this work has little practical use at this point in time, it is not important.  The real value of these research findings is the way they radically and completely redefine our image of what it means to be a human being.

The accepted view of ourselves prior to the availability of this kind of research has been based on the assumption that our consciousness is purely the result of the firing patterns of the neurons in our brain.  Our ability to obtain information has been assumed to be limited to what our five senses could gather for us.  Our impact on the world was seen as limited to what we could accomplish through speaking, writing and the actions of our body.  The dramatically new view demonstrated here is that, in some mysterious manner, our consciousness can act far out beyond the physical location of our body.  There is no location yet discovered by this research that is off limits to this extension.  Distance between the research subject and the target to be accessed is totally irrelevant to its power.  No known electrical, magnetic or material shield blocks the success of the research subject’s efforts.  While transcending all physical limitations, the range of our mind’s nonphysical effects stretches far beyond our body and its actions to encompass the entire universe in its potential scope.

The research has also shown us that these expanded abilities are available to us only through the focused intent we hold within our conscious awareness.  From this we find that we have two distinctly different “areas” that make up our mind.  One area accesses our usual physical senses as well as our bodily actions.  The second area accesses both nonphysical sensory abilities and the nonphysical influences we can use to alter distant events and forms.  Logic, reasoning and planning are carried out in the physical area.  The attributes of creativity, intuition and spiritual insights are part of the nonphysical area.  People who are adept at things like remote viewing and distant healing have shown us that the most effective way to access the nonphysical area of the mind is to block out input that stimulates the physical area.  As with other skills, it appears that practice will increase our familiarity with what appear to be nearly dormant natural aspects of our mind.

Beyond this enormously expanded view of the powers of the human mind, this research also gives us new insights into how our mental actions relate to and interact with the inanimate matter of our world.  While inanimate materials interact automatically with each other in a lawful, highly predictable manner, the human mind is anything but automatic, always being capable of unpredictable responses to its environment.  Humans imagine goals, make decisions and act purposefully to accomplish them.  Thus, the human mind can purposefully re-direct the actions of inanimate matter while matter is confined to being reactive to its interactions with other matter as well as passively responding to human purposeful actions.  The mind, with its nonphysical abilities and the nonphysical system of action which it taps into, is primary and dominant while physical interactions are secondary and receptive. 

This is an incredibly different view of who we are and of how we relate to our environment than we have held in the past.  We have sweeping powers to act in the world unlimited by physical restraints.  Beyond this, our nonphysical abilities are primary over the secondary, physical components of our world.  How much of this potential we will eventually be able to make use of is unclear at present, but its existence is not wishful thinking; it is conclusively demonstrated by highly reliable scientific research.

The next article will explore the idea that the types of research we have been discussing provide powerful new tools we can use to unite our concepts of science and spirit into one unified system that covers everything important to us in our lives.

About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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