A thank you to the readers of this blog

Recently, this blog passed a little milestone.  The number of page views it has received since its inception recently exceeded a thousand.  Some blogs may get this many views in a day.  There are probably some that get this many in an hour.  No matter.  To me this is a big thing; it means that hundreds of people have spent part of their busy day reading what I have written.  I am very appreciative of readers and those who comment.  I am also very much appreciate my daughter, Jennifer, who created this blog as a Father’s Day present.  A warm thank you to you all.

There is an important reason why I am so appreciative.   For many years I have felt I have had useful things to share with others, but no good way to do this.  For example, I have been treating a very severe form of nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy called hyperemesis gravidarum.  This affliction can make these ladies absolutely miserable!  Can you imagine being very nauseated and frequently vomiting for nearly every waking moment for months at a time?  Over the years I have gotten very good at treating this problem and can often help stop it within a few days.  I know that a number of the techniques I have discovered are not being used by many doctors treating this problem.  It is a bit frustrating knowing this and not having an effective way to get the word out.  Now, with the information about what I have found placed on this blog, there is at least a chance others who can use it will see it.

My somewhat unusual subspecialty of medical nutrition has allowed me to uncover a number of these kinds of insights that I want to share widely.  Here is another.  I have learned to very effectively use CT scanners and ultrasound studies to detect atherosclerosis in the very earliest stages to know when to aggressively treat to prevent  heart attacks and strokes.  These diseases are devastating.  For instance, one third of the time, people with established heart disease demonstrate its presence by dying suddenly!  Over the last ten years or so of using these tests, I have nearly eliminated heart attacks and strokes from my patients that agree to their use.  Just think of the heartache that could be prevented by extensive use of these techniques alone!  Not to mention the billions of dollars the US population might save for more beneficial uses.

I have tried to get the word out to medical journals and even one of our bigger HMOs without success.  Now I am encouraged that at least this information is potentially available on this blog.  Just about every adult would gain something very useful by understanding these issues in depth.  That would be many millions of page views!  Between the article announcing this page and the views of the page itself, the total is only 10!  Am I kidding myself that his topic is important?  I sincerely doubt this.  Is it because the mainstream medical media poo-poos this strategy?  This may be a huge factor, maybe I should give my opinion why this is so and that may help.  Maybe people just don’t think something this valuable might be found on a medical blog.  I’d love to have input about this from readers.

One last point I would like to make today.  I have been using acupressure in my office for a couple of years now, with amazing results.  It is a technique that is easy to learn and easy to use and requires no medical background.  I have described the technique in another article, but it gets very little attention.  Is this not the right format?  I do not have any skills in making videos, but I guess I could learn.  Would this work better?  Maybe this just sounds too good to be true?

I guess I need to be more patient.  Even if some of my ideas don’t seem to work out as well as I envision they should, it is still a very comforting thought to me that I have at least made some of these insights available to those who are interested and looking for such things.

Thanks, again, everyone, and please do let me know if you can help me better understand some of these puzzles.


About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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3 Responses to A thank you to the readers of this blog

  1. Dear Chuck, I’m a big fan of pictures! Can you have more photos that you take? Now, when you write above about how you help women with this awful form of morning sickness, that makes me interested whereas I wasn’t going to read an article on the subject. That you do something that the HMO’s etc. haven’t accepted makes me keen to read what you wrote. So maybe your titles could be extended to cover more of what would be of interest to more people. What you do differently interests me etc. not so much the condition. Does this make any sense?

    • Gloria, dear, that what i do differently interests you makes a lot of sense to me. I certainly understand that an article on morning sickness would not interest someone who doesn’t have the problem or know someone who does. The difficulty for me is getting the information to those that need it. Maybe for this type of topic I need a blog designed for doctors who treat these problems on a regular basis. But still, I would have to find a way to reach the doctors.

      Perhaps I should focus on issues that matter to everyone. I’ll give it some thought.

      I agree about the use of pictures and videos. They are skills I need to acquire. When I see the pictures on your blog, the benefit is clear.

      Thanks for the input!


  2. Mary O says:

    Dear Chuck
    I just want to inform you that the emails from this blog get through to me. Strange that your other emails don’t.
    Have a lovely wekend.

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