A new name for this blog.

After running this blog for over a month, I have become more and more dissatisfied with the name I have given it:  Consciousness, Spirituality and Healing.  For one thing, it has been hard to answer when someone asked what this blog is about.  If it is hard for me to answer, how can I expect others to explain it?  I decided to look for something much more informal and which will encourage people to join in an open dialogue.  I have settled on the blog name:  Dr. Chuck’s Chat.  I think this will encourage a relaxed dialogue and be catchy enough to remember.  I will continue to include wide-ranging topics, but I will focus a little more on my special knowledge in medicine, nutrition and effective healing methods.

In my experience, alternative, non-traditional methods of healing show great promise and may sometimes be more effective than traditional approaches.  As people try alternative methods for their healthcare, many seem to need help with integrating alternatives with traditional medical care.  I can help here.

I apologize if the change in names has created any confusion.  This blog has gotten off to a good start despite the disadvantage of its vague name.  Thanks, everyone for your interest and support.


About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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6 Responses to A new name for this blog.

  1. I think you’re on the right track, beloved Dr. Chuck!

  2. Oldooz says:

    Good luck, so dear Dr. Chuck…:) .

    Now I can easily recommend your blog to those who I think will benefit from it.

  3. Thank you ladies! Everyone who has commented has been saying the change is a good one. It is amazing how good an idea can look at first and how bad it can look in hindsight 🙂

  4. jochen says:

    Et vice versa.

  5. Mary O says:

    Hi Chuck
    I like the name of your blog and also the layout. Interesting topics too.
    Thank you for mentioning Heavens Letters. I have seen it before on SpiritLibrary but not looked at the web-site before. I went to the website resently and was very impressed.

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