Hemorrhoids: often minor, but they can cause excruciating pain

Hemorrhoids are fairly common, but usually they are not that big of a deal.  For some people, though, when they flare up they can be pretty disabling.  They can get so bad that just sitting down is extremely uncomfortable.  When they are fairly mild, just a topical cream or a few suppositories containing cortisone calms them down pretty well.  On the other extreme, they can cause heavy bleeding or get painful clots in them (we call these “thrombosed”) that require surgical intervention.  Unfortunately, while a surgeon can help a lot with a severe hemorrhoid flare, removing the worst hemorrhoids surgically will not prevent more from developing later.

In the past, the best we have had in the way of prevention is to avoid constipation and to quickly control diarrhea when it develops, since either can bring about a hemorrhoid flare.  I have found a way, though,  to both treat hemorrhoids and to prevent future attacks that very few people are aware of.  I have been using bioflavonoids in this condition with very good results in many cases.  Bioflavonoids are a family of vitamin-like compounds related to vitamin C.  They are found in highest concentration in fruits, particularly citrus fruits.  Be aware, though, that over-the-counter preparations like bioflavonoids are not well regulated.  Unless you know that a given manufacturer uses effective quality control processes, if you fail to respond, it may be that you are using a poor quality product.  Most health food stores and some pharmacies carry these preparations.  You may have to look around to find them.

I have been treating patients with hemorrhoids using bioflavonoids for about five years.  In the midst of a hemorrhoid flare, I recommend 700mg twice a day of a product that I know is good quality (we carry it in our office for this purpose).  When it works, the hemorrhoids completely resolve, usually in a week or so.  I then have my patients put the bioflavonoids aside until the start of another flare.  For about 40% to 50% of people they work great.  When they don’t work, unfortunately, there is no improvement at all.  Still, eliminating this scourge for about half the people who try these compounds is a huge benefit to those who are lucky enough to respond.

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About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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8 Responses to Hemorrhoids: often minor, but they can cause excruciating pain

  1. Oldooz says:

    This is wonderful! — I hope I can find it here. The quick search gave nothing.
    It will definitely be helpful to someone I know.

    Many thanks Chuck…

    • Oldooz, your comment raises an important issue. I am very familiar with the availability of resources in the US, but have very little knowledge of what is available in other countries. I will need to keep this in mind when I write my articles since www truly means world wide! If you cannot get bioflavonoides in Iran, I wonder if you could order them and have them shipped from a health food supplier here in the US. I use “Now” brand supplements in my office. Let me know if you want the address. I do a lot of business with them and might be able to help you get some shipped to Iran.

      • Oldooz says:

        There comes the next problem if I want to order… a credit card which I don’t have any.
        I hate it that we cannot shop/order online. I have to look further into it to see if there is any other way. The only way I know is “indirect payment” which is very expensive. Sometimes it costs more than what one pays for the products!!…
        What’s the address anyway?

      • Here is the address on-line for “Now” brand mail order: http://www.now-2-u.com.
        I will send you an email to discuss other ideas since it doesn’t sound like ordering on-line is an option for you.

  2. Mary O says:

    Chuck, I have read that castor oil helps and I am going to give it a try. You do not drink the oil but soak a wad of cottenwool and apply twice a day. I will let you know what results I have.

  3. Mary O says:

    I tried bioflavonoids many years ago but I did not use them continuosly so did not get results. I am fortunate in that my hemorrhoids have never bled or been painful so I just learned to live with the problem. I will let you know how it goes and I will check out the bioflavonoids when I get a chance.

  4. Mary Jane says:

    I would like to thank you for this information….I had tried everything…..The citrus bioflavonoids have helped more than anything….started out with the 4 then 3 now taking 2 a day for about 2 weeks now….Feeling much better…thank you so much…. Mary Jane

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