The metaphor of the MRI machine

In this article I will be focusing on a Heavenletter™ recently published by Gloria Wendroff in her daily newsletter.  If you are not familiar with Heavenletters, or you are not completely comfortable with the idea that an average person, in this day and age, might receive information directly from God to share with others, please see an earlier article I wrote to introduce people to the nature of Gloria’s Heavenletters (

If you are ok with this concept, then please read Gloria’s Heavenletter from January 28, 2012 (  Be sure to also read Normand’s excellent comment below this letter since it was his comment that inspired me to write this article, and I will be referring to it later.

Here is the metaphor of the MRI machine that I hope will be useful in helping to visualize the points I wish to make.  For those who are not familiar with MRI machines and how they work, they are medical diagnostic devices that generate a very powerful magnetic field to non-invasively image the interior of the human body.  Though you cannot feel its magnetic action while you are inside its field, every molecule of your body is subtly changed as long as the field is active around you.  While this molecular excitation then causes its own signals that produce the next step in how it works, I want you to just tuck in your mind, for later, the MRI machine’s action in stimulating the human body in ways we cannot directly perceive.

Now, back to the Heavenletter and Normand’s comment.  Quoting Normand:  “On the surface of myself, I do, or I seem to (in my own eye) accept God’s love.”  I find this very insightful.  The way it is phrased implies that, even though we may think we hold something to be true in our conscious awareness, our belief may be only superficial and there may be deeper levels of our thinking that contradict this belief.  A good example of this happening is the way that affirmations are often used; they may be in conflict with deeper, often unconscious, assumptions about our lives.  Too bad life is not so simple that repeating affirmations would solve our emotional problems.  If it were, many of us would have resolved most of these problems long ago.  The deeper levels of our beliefs are probably what really count and can completely nullify our conscious ideas.

Obviously, there is much more to uncover about this process.  Normand leads us in a very useful direction with the next part of his comment:  “But if I go deeper into the unconscious where ego likes to abide and hide with its arsenal of guilt, anger, pride, control, I start to realize that the world I perceive or see corresponds to the judgment I put on it.”  This going deeper is getting to the crux of the issue and to help clarify this very useful idea is why I introduced my MRI metaphor.  Just like the components of the MRI machine generate a powerful magnetic field to which every molecule around it responds, there is an often “unconscious” content within our mind which is always generating an energetic vibration which is creating what we experience in our lives.  Normand calls this deep content of our psyche “judgments,” but I believe they are even deeper than judgments in that they compel us to form and accept our judgments in the first place.  They are partly composed of the beliefs and assumptions we hold about ourselves, our world, and what is most important in life.  Another part that could be acting is a sort of emotional residue from traumatic past events that subtly corrupt our current thoughts and our attitudes.  I am proposing that, just like the MRI machine generates its invisible magnetic field, these often unconscious contents of our mind motivate our judgments, cause us to perceive the world in the fashion we do, and draw to us many of the events that make up our lives.

Of course this concept of deep levels of unconscious mental content is not at all original to me, and more and more, techniques are appearing designed to try to access and heal this level of our psyche.  The Heavenletter I am focusing on in this article provides wonderful suggestions that I believe may penetrate down into these hidden layers of intellectual error and distorted emotional residue which may well be pushing our lives off the track that we want them to be on.  I am convinced that cleaning up and healing these deep levels of our mind will release our natural inclination to completely and unconditionally love ourselves.  There is good reason to believe that this may even be a potent means of healing our physical ills.  And, as I am coming to discover, such love for ourselves automatically brings with it the deepening of our love for our Creator and provides for us the necessary foundation for loving everyone else in our world.  On the conscious surface of our mind, we can implore ourselves to love God, to love others and even to achieve worldly success, all we want, but if the deeper layers that undergird and generate our judgments aren’t healed, we will not see the changes in our lives many of us so fervently desire.

Much love and good wishes for all,


About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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6 Responses to The metaphor of the MRI machine

  1. Normane Bourque says:

    Dear Chuck, I like your metaphor of the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (N)MRI. It demonstrates that science is forced (without its consent) to go deeper than it would like to go.

    On another level, the one you call the unconscious mental content (familiar to traditional psychoanalysis), which you say would preceed and condition our judgments, I would push the idea even further by saying that ego is the first and only judgement that generates all the others.

    There are only two “judgments” (staying in the context of Heavenletters). If judging is establishing and distinguishing relationships, there is God’s Judgment which establishes that we are created at His image and that we are One with Him. Then there is the Ego’s judgment which states that every individual I his separate from the other individual I and from God. All the rest on the unconscious mental constructs are only variations on the theme of that separation. Ego’s judgment on separation from God, which is obviously false, preceeds our perception of the world which corresponds to that judgment: we try to disconnect things that seem to go together and we try to connect things that seem to separate.

    Of course, if God’s Judgment is True, then Ego’s judgment must be false, therefore our perception of reality is false or, at least, illusory or virtual. That is why theories, explanations in the relative world are always variable and ever changing. None are really reliable because they are built on a changing reality. Truth has its foundation on what has never and will never change.

    • Normane, my good friend, I certainly see how you come to the conclusions you do about the inconsistencies between the “ego” process of seeing all things as separate and independent and the reality of spirit that knows all is interconnected. I certainly would not contradict what you say, I would just offer another possibility. What if both the separation and the oneness are true simultaneously? I know this violates our usual logic, but it seems to me to better fit the structure of how the cosmos seems to operate.

      Thanks for your stimulating comments,


  2. Normand Bourque says:

    But where will this simultaneity of Oneness and separation lead you? Science will continue to make its own way by applying the physical laws it knows and thinking that the cosmos operates only through physical and mathematical laws or through certain sets of rules. It cannot make a continuity out of the temporary.

    What if the Cosmos was positively “Biased”? What if the Cosmos was not linear in space and time? After all, life and order in the Universe is incredibly mathematically improbabe. It would be like rolling dices and having a five a thousand times in a row. It is beyond the realm of randomness. There is an intent or not behind the cosmos and both occurences cannot be simultaneous nor sequential.

    • I think science must reconcile itelf to the reality that continuity and separation co-exist in everything and these characteristics are expressed in different ways. I am considering starting a new series of articles soon that will discuss this topic in more detail. I think that if we can accomplish this reconciliation it will pave the way to an integrated worldview that will encompass our most sucessful scientific theories as well as the spiritual insights that we find compelling in our lives.

      I completely agree, Normand, with your suggestion that the universe is postitively biased. I find the incredible and elegant organization that lies beneath the structure of the physical world to be so incredibly improbable to have occurred by chance that his possibility must be considered totally unreasonable. In my view, there is meaning and purpose to all of it. Once we accept this, many possibilites arise that are exciting to contemplate. I think it is all much more complex than we are even capable of imagining at this point in time.

      Thanks for your wonderful comments.

  3. Mary O says:

    Firstly thank you for the beautiful Heaven Letter. I only read it today
    and it moved me deeply. Yes, God is ALL and God is Love.

    You speak of two judgements, God and ego. I understand it as duality,
    Higher self or soul and human self. Our True self is a spiritual being who has creative powers, and is having a physical experience. So, yes, there is only one True “judgement” and that is God, Spirit, God’s mind but the physical is created by the Spiritual. In duality they both exist but it is our task to marry the human with the divine and thus become a Divine Human. That is our purpose for being on earth.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.


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