The Scientific Validation of the Extrasensory and the Paranormal Part 1: Introduction

What if what we have called “extrasensory” is just an additional sense we all have for gathering information about the world?  What if what we have called “paranormal” are actually important aspects of how our world really works?  Science is currently in a state of ferment, being forced to try to accommodate to more and more research findings that do not fit into well established and widely accepted theories.  While many of these findings are considered anomalous since they either violate scientific assumptions or there are no mechanisms recognized by science to explain them, the experiments always give the same puzzling results.  Exploring the details of this research promises new and exciting insights about our world with important implications for each of us.

This article is the first of a new series about fascinating and important scientific research that many people do not know exists.  Most of the details are known only to the researchers that work within the scientific specialties in which the work was carried out.  Due to this conflict between the research conclusions and accepted scientific theories, and despite the high quality of the work itself, these communities of specialists have treated the anomalies found in their field like they were embarrassed to admit they exist.  They seem to have preferred to keep the skeletons in the lab closet.

As I have gathered these anomalies from various fields of science together and viewed them as a whole, remarkable insights have appeared.  The highly consistent patterns found in field after field have convinced me that the surprising findings are actually fundamentally important insights about how the world actually works.  Such similarities cannot be an accident.  It is understandable that researchers would tend to ignore findings that don’t fit in with accepted science, but once you begin to view virtually identical conclusions from all these unexpected results, you will see that they will lead us to a deeper understanding of our world and our own place in it.

Since both the conclusions from this research  and their implications are often in conflict with how most of us view the world, as well as contradicting widely accepted scientific theories, I have been very careful in selecting the evidence reported here.  I have been very careful to include only the work of highly trained scientists, following well designed protocols and for which independent replication is available. 

In addition to highly reliable scientific reports, I will also be relying on the personally verifiable experience available to everyone.  These arguments will be based on truths that each reader can examine for logical consistency and resonance within his or her life and past experience.  While this kind of truth, being completely subjective, cannot be overtly demonstrated or proven, it will be of the sort that I expect each reader will find unequivocal and obvious. 

Using only these two trustworthy sources to support my conclusions, I will go on to infer the implications of what they mean in for our lives.  I am confident the inferences will be compelling and will be seen to naturally follow from the conclusions derived from the research.  Everything will be verifiable for the interested reader, either through the careful reading of the scientific reports or personal experience.  The final implications are often dramatic and surprising.   They promise an expanded understanding of how the world works and may even inspire a new sense of what is important in life.

For many centuries, philosophers, theologians and scientists have debated many of the ideas we will be exploring.  It is only very recently, though, that our scientific research methods and our scientific knowledge of the world has become sophisticated enough to allow the insights you will find here to be based on testable assertions.  We are now better able to begin to answer some of the great questions of the ages.  It is time to do a much better job of getting these important insights out of the laboratories, off the library shelves and more easily available to all of us to enhance our lives.

In the next article, I will present some fairly simple physics experiments that produce some startling results.  They will be the first stepping stones toward a new awareness and appreciation of the nature of our world which will expand and deepen as this series of articles progresses.

About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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