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Dealing with overweight. Part 4: The story behind “yo yo dieting”

If you are not familiar with the phrase “yo yo dieting” it means the tendency to start a diet, often with great enthusiasm, to lose weight for a while, then to stop the diet and regain the weight lost, often … Continue reading

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Dealing with overweight. Part 3: Easy answers.

Today I am going to present three items that you can use to begin to manage weight control problems more effectively.  They will include another concept to help orient you, a powerful tool to help uncover causes and a list … Continue reading

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American healthcare in crisis. Part 2: The main driving force behind healthcare cost inflation

Inflation is nearly guaranteed as a consequence of the worldview of modern medicine.  I believe this is true of all modern medicine worldwide, but I will be focusing on how this applies to the US for now.  Our current medical … Continue reading

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To nurses, with love

I write this in honor of Tina, a lovely lady friend in the midst of her nursing training.  I have a bias and let me make it crystal clear.  I think God probably has reserved a special place in heaven … Continue reading

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