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Dealing with overweight. Part 7: What everybody has in common.

So far in these articles, I have emphasized the huge variety of the individual situations that result in people being heavier than their optimum weight.  While it is true that everybody’s situation is different, there are still certain principles that … Continue reading

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Dealing with overweight. Part 4: The story behind “yo yo dieting”

If you are not familiar with the phrase “yo yo dieting” it means the tendency to start a diet, often with great enthusiasm, to lose weight for a while, then to stop the diet and regain the weight lost, often … Continue reading

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American healthcare in crisis. Part 2: The main driving force behind healthcare cost inflation

Inflation is nearly guaranteed as a consequence of the worldview of modern medicine.  I believe this is true of all modern medicine worldwide, but I will be focusing on how this applies to the US for now.  Our current medical … Continue reading

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American healthcare in crisis. Part 1: The illusion of managed care cost savings

This is the first article of another new series about the problems that modern healthcare creates for both the economy of a western country like the US and the citizens who ultimately foot the bill for this healthcare.  I have … Continue reading

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