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What if your memory was twenty as powerful and you were twenty times as creative?

(estimated reading time: twelve minutes)   According to many neuroscientists and researchers who study the human brain, we are using less than five percent of our mind’s potential.  What if this was not only true, but you could find a … Continue reading

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What if I had just one more day to live?

I remember reading something, a year or two ago, that raised the question:  “What if you had just twenty four hours left on this earth and you knew it beyond any doubt?  And what if you also somehow had the … Continue reading

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The fruits of forty plus years of meditation

  This article was inspired by the success of the first article I placed on this blog: A life changing idea, June 25, 2011.  That original article has received more attention than any other and continues to be quite popular.  … Continue reading

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If an omnipotent Creator exists, and He chose to speak to us today, how might we know it was Him speaking?

I phrased the question that leads off this blog article very carefully.  I am very aware that many readers will have beliefs very different from mine.  Each of us has come to our beliefs based on the unique experiences that … Continue reading

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A life changing idea

What if I could give you a simple, completely free technique that is easy to apply and which might change your life for the better? Would you be willing to invest a few minutes to see if I can deliver … Continue reading

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