What if I had just one more day to live?

I remember reading something, a year or two ago, that raised the question:  “What if you had just twenty four hours left on this earth and you knew it beyond any doubt?  And what if you also somehow had the opportunity to address every one of the other inhabitants of our world with a message that was instantly translated into their native language?  What would you say?  What would you do with this opportunity?”  While I have no idea how much longer I have to live in this life, I can easily imagine such a situation arising.  Also, while I do not have any magical podium to address all the world’s inhabitants, this internet system has this sort of potential.  Here is my effort to answer this challenge, for those who are interested.

*                                *                            *

Who would disagree with my observation that there is a profound unity that is obvious in every aspect of our universe?  Even our most skeptical scientists accept that this unity exists, it is the most basic of the assumptions on which all science is based.  If every electron did not behave like every other, and every photon didn’t bend the same way as it passed through a glass lens, how would science be possible?  I put this profound unity before you as a given and as a starting point.

From what I have been told, it is reliably estimated that about 80% of the world’s inhabitants profess one sort of religious faith or other.  When you compare one to another, there are some notable similarities in almost all of these systems of belief, particularly within those that are most widely accepted.  Virtually all posit some sort of invisible source that lies beneath what we see in our physical world.   This source is also seen as both intelligent and purposeful.  Thus, most of this world’s inhabitants profess a faith in a God, a Creator or some sort of Ultimate Being that explains the unity we see all around us.  We know that we do not completely understand the wisdom of it all, nor do we always know the purpose, but we recognize wisdom and purpose when we see them.

Can you conceive of every person alive on this planet as being a part of one very extended family?  Can you also conceive of an evolution of the spiritual concepts of our species that parallels our physical evolution?  If you can, consider for a moment that there are a couple of concepts that have been incorporated into almost all of the systems of belief across our world.  One is that our Source is far off from us and separate from us.  The other is that each of us, individually, is spiritually defective.  What if it is true that these two concepts are pervasive throughout our world and what if they are responsible for most of the pain and suffering and frustration and guilt most of us have become so accustomed to in our lives?

What if the next step in our spiritual evolution now lies before us as a species?  Could it be that it will require enough humility to conceive of the possibility that the some of the ideas that we were raised with, and have totally accepted, may be flawed?  Perhaps we have even misinterpreted the messages of our greatest spiritual seers throughout the millennia.  We humans have created a lot of suffering and we have blamed it on others and we have even attributed it to the Will of our Source.  What if our Source is truly all loving and totally supportive of us and wishes us to learn to see ourselves as one family of man?  And what if we are all naturally loving beings who become confused and misguided when we accept mistaken ideas as the truth around which we create our lives?  Perhaps we are not only loving, but also very powerful beings that have also not believed in our own power.  Can we change our ideas and our beliefs?  Of course we can, we do it all the time.  To consciously make these kinds of changes, though, it may take determination, humility and courage.  We human beings have all these attributes, I see them every day, all around me.

*                                *                              *

Well, this is my best effort, based on my view of the world today.  I welcome any comments both positive and negative.  Are you interested in responding with your own message?  Please don’t feel like you cannot write as long a comment as you would like if you are of a mind to write one.  There is plenty of memory capacity here.  I would love to hear anything you have to say.


About Chuck Gebhardt

I am a physician specializing in internal medicine. I sub-specialize in nutritional medicine. I am very interested in all areas of healing research, not necessarily limited to traditional medicine topics.
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10 Responses to What if I had just one more day to live?

  1. Mary O says:

    Hello Chuck

    i just read this post and I was surprised at how much you wrote. I would not have written half as much. You have done very well and covered everything that is important. Very well written. I have nothing to add so will just agree with all you say.

    • Thanks, Mary,

      I had mixed emotions about writing this article. It felt a bit grandiose to write on such a huge topic. I mean that I asked myself: “Who are you to be presuming to give everyone else advice?” Then I figured: “Go for it, so what if others laugh or criticize. At least the effort is well intended.”

      Love and hugs,


  2. Jochen says:

    There was a comment by Oldooz when this entry was first posted. Since I liked that comment very much, I hoped for it to somehow reappear which it didn’t. Well, it was about love and more love, easy to remember.

    And of course, on our last day we will do what we tend to postpone as long as there appears to be a tomorrow and another. Suddenly there is nothing more pressing any more. With no projects and agendas and errands and appointments left (and assuming we are able to let go of physical life) there will be love in whatever form it will take, with or without messages in word or hum or action.

    We are meant to live that way with the seeming fullness of time still before us: To see that this is a friendly creation with an easy God and nothing that needs to be done.

    • If I remember correctly, Oldooz had written a response and then asked me to delete it. As much as I liked her response, I deleted it as she requested. I am sure you understand.

      I actually do believe that if we could all live each day as if it were our last on earth, it would be a wonderful thing to behold. And I completely agree that we are meant to see a friendly creation before us, to know nothing needs to be done and that God is easy to please.

    • Oldooz says:

      Just now I saw and read your comment…. I don’t know why but for some reason I felt quite uncomfortable reading my own comment then I asked Chuck to delete it…

      Today I send you, (and everyone else who is reading this) a BIG HUG and much more love… (((((HUG)))) and LOVE to ALL.

  3. Jochen says:

    The only other explanation would be a technical glitch, Chuck. I know you would never delete a comment without being asked to do so to by the author.

    Hope you are well, dear author.

  4. Jochen says:

    But coming back to the subject of this entry, what about that one day that is left to me? Assuming I wouldn’t panic and spiritually flatline, I think I would – apart from taking a walk with my wife and having some lovely pasta dish and caffè with her – concentrate on what today’s Heavenletter #4005 suggests: “Now, today, allow the possibility of Great Knowledge offering itself to you, and grab it. Grab it as one who is starving for God-given wisdom.”

    There was a word in a recent Heavenletter that yanked open something inside with astonishing force. The word was “sleeplove” (patterned on “sleepwalk”). In that instant, suddenly all the sleepdoing in the world stood out as I have never seen it before – sleeptalking, sleepeating, sleepphilosophizing, sleepresearching, sleeppraying, sleepfighting, sleepweeping, sleephating … sleeploving. Everything we do and think and feel in this life on earth does not even touch that core of knowing, of wakefulness, we all have as Heavenletter #4005 says.

    In this Heavenletter there is another powerful word that had an equally shocking effect on me: “domesticated”. OMG, yes, how we all have allowed ourselves to be domesticated into a life of sleep, how desperately we try to keep ourselves and each other there, even in the very place where God’s words are being published, while God Himself, addressing the “wolf-child” in us, clearly wants to lure us back into the wild. How utterly unbelievable! But also, how joyful and liberating.

    So, on this last day, all that is left for me to do is this: “Now, today, allow the possibility of Great Knowledge offering itself to you, and grab it. Grab it as one who is starving for God-given wisdom.” Since it is my last day, I will likely succeed. And if I could pass it on to even one more “starving” soul, this waking up from eons of domestication and sleepliving – what a glorious last day that would be.


    • Grabbing on to Great Knowledge — what a wonderful idea! It is my belief that we all hold all knowledge deep within us. The problem and the promise for us is that it is obscured to us. Apparently this is a purposeful situation that was created to allow our lives to unfold the way they do. I believe that the most important knowledge we can attain is that we truly do hold this access to all knowledge within us. For me, then, the goal of my life is to access as much truth as I can, in every way I can, as I go about my life. It seems to me that this is the only goal I need since I am finding that access to truth will automatically manifests itself in my life by spontaneous, heartfelt desire to create as much good as I can in the world.

      I really do like this concept of “sleeplove” and the similar words sleepeating, sleeptalking, sleepphilosophizing, etc. I think we all do spend most of our lives sort of sleepwalking. We concentrate on goals that are fairly meaningless if we are actually eternal beings who in the “end” pass on to new ventures that have nothing to do with the physical things we usually focus on. But focusing on what you call “the core of knowing” and “wakefulness” seems to be our greatest purpose in life. I find that my efforts in this direction bring nothing but delight for me. I also find that the longer I live, the more I enjoy my life.

      I am doing well, my dear friend, Jochen, and I hope you are, too.


  5. Mary O says:

    You wrote:
    “For me, then, the goal of my life is to access as much truth as I can, in every way I can, as I go about my life. ”
    This is how I feel too and also I wish to be of service to others.
    However, If I know that I have only 24 hours to live I think I would want to be with my husband and my children. Not for my sake but for theirs, to prepare them for what is coming. I probably won’t give the rest of the world a second thought so I admire you Chuck for what you wrote.

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