New visitors: please read this first

Welcome to this blog!

I am very glad you found your way here and I hope you will become a partner with me through this blog.  I promise to share insights from over twenty years of medical practice as well as some tips and strategies to promote better health that may be difficult or impossible to find anywhere else.  You can greatly assist  me with these goals by providing candid comments whenever you feel moved to do so, and by sharing with others what you might find here that you believe to be of unique value.

I intend this site to infused with an attitude of tolerance.  I do not speak Greek, but I gather from some Greek speaking experts that a good word  to use here may be the Greek word “agape.”  There seems to be no word in English that matches it very well.  It implies a spirit of welcoming everyone no matter who they are and what their background.  It also implies the habit of seeing the actions of everyone else in the most positive light possible.  It is accepting, supportive and wishes all the best for everyone at all times. 

I also intend this site to be comfortable for anyone who wants to visit here.  Whatever your religion or spiritual tradition or even if you don’t believe that anything spiritual actually exists, there will be items, ideas and information found here that may be quite useful in your life.  I have no interest in changing anyone’s beliefs by this site, nor do I think it would be proper to try to do so.  Obviously, people’s beliefs do sometimes change as new experience and new information is received, but I think it is a mistaken motivation to provide information just for this purpose.

Within the spirit of this intent, not everything on this site will be appropriate for every reader.  I will do my best to help guide you as to what may interest you and alert you to discussions that may conflict with your beliefs.  I will categorize each blog article by its general topic.  I am pretty certain that only topics that involve spiritual ideas may be potential problems. Accordingly, I will place all such topics under the category of “Spirituality and Metaphysics.”  This category may discuss or assume a belief in God and may even be assuming a belief that intelligent, non-physical beings may be able to communicate with us through the ability of certain individuals to channel their ideas to us.  If you find these ideas to be a potential problem in any way, you might best first look at the category of the article and avoid the ones under “Spirituality and Metaphysics.”

I also feel the responsibility to protect my readers from being offended by certain comments.  I do not think tolerance means allowing someone to injure someone else or abuse the intent of the site.  I doubt it will happen, but if anyone puts a comment on that is illegal, slanderous or overtly disrespectful of another person or tradition or religion, I will delete it immediately to minimize its exposure to others.  Anything questionable I will just attach a respectful comment raising my concerns.

Please note another very important item.  While I am a well trained and very experienced physician, no recommendations I can give in this format can ever substitute for the hands on care of your personal physician who knows you and your medical history and can examine your physical condition.  I would always counsel you to never ignore your personal physician’s advice in favor of what you find on this site or any other location without discussing it with him/her.  Sometimes sharing this site link or copying an article for your physician may be your best course of action.  If you think you may have a serious illness, always seek the assistance of appropriate medical professionals, first.

A word of orientation may help you in navigating this site also.  The menu at the top of the blog, where you found this page, will organize the various articles by category.  Just click on the category that interests you and the center column of the blog page will show the headings and first sentences of the articles that are most pertinent.

Contact Link: If, for some reason, you wish to directly and privately contact me about this site, here is my email address:

Copyright info: The articles and eBooks are intended by me to be shared widely with others.  However, I do not intend my writings to be used by others for commercial purposes unless approved by me in writing.  If, for any item, my intent is different than this, I will place a notice to that effect in the beginning of the item.

I hope you enjoy your time here and find it useful.  Thank you for taking your time to consider what I have to say.




4 Responses to New visitors: please read this first

  1. Mary O says:

    Chuck, I have been reading and enjoying for the past hour but I will be back to read the rest later. It may only be in a week’s time though.
    Love your blog. In the past I have thought about starting one but then thought “Who would read it?”. Perhaps I should try again.

    • Mary, thank you for your kind, supportive words. If you decide to go forward with your idea of starting your own blog, I think you will discover how important the comments from others are to your goals in writing a blog. Before the idea of blogs appeared, the creation of web pages was such a wonderful thing in itself. Suddenly people like you and me could publish their thoughts without going through the often arduous processes of writing magazine articles and books. I think that web pages are huge boost to mankind’s ability to communicate, but blogs are even bigger in their potential impact. At last we can get nearly instant responses from readers, a process that opens up a free and open dialogue that wasn’t possible before with the written word. I can remember many times when I had ideas I felt worthy of sharing, but was unsure if I was over estimating their value and perhaps kidding myself. Now I can put these ideas into short blog articles and see what people think. It is a marvelous thing! I wonder what mankind’s next communication discovery will be.

      I certainly hope you will find many other helpful items on this blog and I look forward to any comments you may wish to leave.

      Many hugs and much love,


  2. onidamerlyn says:

    Wonderful blog! We think extraordinarily alike…I have read several of your posts and appreciate every one. I will be back often. Thank you for helping to raise awareness…Blessings

    • Thank you for your kind remarks. I am finding more and more people who think like we do, but have not had a practical way to communicate with each other in the past. Thank God for the internet! It is my pleasure to put my posts up for you to read. I hope you will continue to find them worth your time.

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