Grief eBook

This eBook is a collaborative effort between me and Gloria Wendroff, the publisher of Heavenletters.  Almost all originates with Gloria and only a very few editorial comments are by me.  It is till in rough draft form, but I think it is complete enough that it still may be useful.  It is placed here with Gloria’s permission and intended for the private use of those who might benefit from reading it and may be copied for that purpose..  It was composed with the intent that it may help those who are grieving the loss of loved ones.

If you are not familiar with Heavenletters or the concept that someone like Gloria might be writing down words inspired by God Himself, please take the time to first read my blog article from 7/9/11, entitled:  “If an omnipotent Creator exists, and He chose to speak to us today, how might we know it was Him speaking?”  This article is a bit long, but it should allow you to decide if this eBook is something you might find appropriate for your use.

I hope you find this book helpful; and healing in your time of loss and sorrow.



(Rough draft, revised:   11-3-09)

Unpublished Manuscript © 2011


                                   Losing a Loved One

 A selection of letters received by Gloria Wendroff

Selections and commentary by Chuck Gebhardt MD




About twelve years ago, when Gloria began asking questions of God from the depths of her heart, she began receiving answers far beyond anything she knew she could have conceived of on her own.  Eventually she began sharing these answers with others and asking their questions also.  She now publishes a daily letter, called a Heavenletter, which she shares with thousands of readers form all over the world.

If you are suffering the loss of someone you hold dear, you may be in excruciating agony.  Any relief from such suffering is a blessing.  Perhaps, like other readers of Heavenletters, you we find solace and comfort in the reading of certain of the letters that discuss these painful times.

I have selected seven of the letters that poignantly address grief and loss.

                                              The Letters


In the first letter, God issues an invitation to hear Him out.  He points out that our understanding is limited.  He asks us to take a chance and hear what He has to say.

All Will Be Known

Heavenletter #2659 Published on: March 6, 2008

God said:

Whatever you may feel about your present life right now, there is gold there. Find the gold, and you may be able to move on with greater ease. In every situation, there is something for you to gain. Even in dire situations, there is a gift for you. This may sound officious for Me to say when you are going through something painful, perhaps unfair, unjust, undeserved, dreadful. And yet, still, I say there is something for you. There is a gold coin somewhere there for you.

Will you concede that you don’t always know what life has in store for you? Will you concede that even in trouble, there can lie gold? Can you concede that it is not always possible for you to know what is good fortune or to know with certainty what is not?

Here is what I would like to convey and which will be very difficult for you to accept, and that is, despite what you see and feel, there is no bad fortune. I can see you throwing up your hands and walking away as I speak.

You are thinking: “How can God say this? Easy for God to say. Death is nothing to Him. Wars and maiming are nothing to Him. Fires are nothing. Broken hearts are nothing. God sits serene in a golden palace where He is untouched by human woe. What does He know about life on Earth and about the troubles that beset us? What does He know about daily life?”

Beloveds, all I ask is that you allow the possibility of what I say to be true, and true for you. You don’t have to agree. You cannot agree. I understand this. But I ask you to admit the possibility that this could be so. I ask you who sit in the dark to admit a tiny bit of light.

I do not expect that in one minute you will be able to wipe away what the world has taught you and what you have learned all too well. You have been educated to the suffering of life. It has been so well described to you that you take it at face value. You see only so far, and no further.

It’s true that I easily see the whole picture, and you do not, you cannot quite yet. I don’t expect you to see it. I invite you to let in a tiny crack of willingness, willingness to admit the possibility of a different point of view, to admit the possibility that another view exists, admit the possibility that you will be open to seeing it and won’t close the door to it. A tiny willingness to see the more even when you are gripped in what the world calls great tragedy and which you, too, perceive as great tragedy. Or if not, great, big enough, big enough to cause heartache. Beloveds, the weaving of life has many threads, and all are not seen. Where they come together and how and when, you do not yet know.

I ask you to surmise. I ask you to consider. I ask you to place some trust in the possibility that what I say is true, really true, and true for you and your life and for the lives of your dear ones, and for the lives of all.

I ask you to give Me the benefit of the doubt. Concede that I am your Friend, and that all is well and that all will be known, and you will know the glory in life and the glory in your life whatever it may have seemed to you. You can come to know that life is all right, even beautiful, and that life is for you to experience, and for you to love.

To set the background for the remainder of the letters, I have selected the second letter for its discussion of our eternal, spiritual nature.

You Live in Eternity

Heavenletter #1038 Published on: August 25, 2003

God said:

Loyalty is not an obligation but is given with a full heart.

You are loyal to your body, but you are not always so supportive to the self of you that is irrespective of the body.

Often, you are not only disloyal to your Self, you forget all about it. Often, in your life, you are on a mad dash to forget. You spend your time trying to forget. You are trying to forget that the body dies and, in the process, you consequently overlook that which never dies. How can you pay attention to your eternity and not recall the unforgettable death of the body, this unforgettable and unfathomable death of your body?

Death of the body is so fearsome to you that you will do almost anything to forget about it. You call death an ending when all the while it is just another step. What are all your addictions for if not to forget this event that will come to everyone you know and everyone you don’t know and to you, and to you?

Death is a blessing just as life is a blessing. That which you call life and death are no more than constituents of the physical body. You are an essence unrestricted to the physical. You are your own in- and out-of-body experience. You are the experiencer of that which is called life and that which is called death. You never stop experiencing. You are always the experiencer of yourSelf.

You experience life of the body and you experience death of the body. It is no big deal.

You tend to think that life is dependent upon the body, but that is only the physical life. You don’t really think you are limited by the dimensions of your body, do you?

In what you call life and what you call death, you go on. You are a steady stream. You are immortal. You are forever. There never is an end to you. There is no stopping you. Eternity cannot be changed into something else.

You are on a voyage. You go in one direction, and then you go in another. Only, in the realm I speak of, there is no direction. There is no this way or that way. There is only being.

You are My being. I am the essence of you. When you pay attention to Me, you are paying attention to your Self.

It is hard for you to grasp the enormity of Who you are. You have thought of yourself as a passing thing.

Your body is a passing thing. You are not your body. Your body is not your identity.

Your body is like a tin can. When you finish with it, you toss it out. This is not cause for sadness. This is cause for rejoicing.

When you graduate from high school, it is cause for celebration. From high school, you go to college. Ever upward you move.

When you graduate from the physical body, you go on to more intensive awareness of your inner being which is all you ever were anyway. Clothes you put on are not you. They are merely clothes. Your whole physicality is nothing but clothing.

Do you think you are less without your body? It is your body that is less. You are supreme. This is what you forget and must remember.

You are an eternal Self. You are light eternal. You are a perfect flame of light. Never does the flame go out. And so, you always live high in My light.

The third letter presents the moment of death as a change in perspective.  It is explained that death serves us and is accompanied by a dramatic broadening of our vision.

A Ride on a Magic Carpet

Heavenletter #2943 Published on: December 15, 2008

God said:

No matter what I say and how much I say, it seems that My children fear death, so-called death. Do you not know that leaving the cumbersome body is part of life?

That the body dies is no secret. Must it seem like such a dire thing? Must it? Life on Earth is not really a matter of life and death. I know you think so. You think that death is some horror waiting for you. Haven’t you been taught to fear it? Camps called hospitals have been set up to delay it, medicines to defray it. Concern with the body’s death is an occupation on Earth. Do not let it become a preoccupation. It’s not worth it.

I will tell you, with all due regard to life, that from life to death is like going from riding a donkey to riding a magic carpet. I do not disparage life on Earth by calling it a donkey, for you know I love everything, every creature, and you. Riding a donkey is a wonderful thing. Flying on a magic carpet is another wonderful thing. This magic carpet awaits all. It exists for you. It is your servant. No one really wants to live forever in his body.

Death is not a vulture waiting for you. There is no death, beloveds. It is a lovely thing to ride on this metaphor of a magic carpet. When you ride on this magic carpet, illusion falls away. All the troubles of the world are illusion. Do you really want to hang on to illusion forever?

Illusion serves you as it serves you. It serves only for a little while. It serves only in the illusion of time. Will you believe me when I tell you that Reality far exceeds even the finest of illusions on Earth? Again, this is not to take away from what you hold important and all the love that the world does hold. This is not to take you away from the joy of children and the fun of hopping, skipping, and jumping. Because the world is illusion doesn’t take away a jot from the joys of illusion. The joys of illusion are like previews of what is to come. Not only what is to come, but what has been, and never was otherwise.

The clothes you wear on Earth are cover-ups. Even the body is hidden on Earth. How much more is hidden from your view!

There is no death. There is no purgatory. If there is purgatory, consider life on Earth that. Life on Earth purges you of many things. That is not to say that you need to get ready to be in My Presence. You have never been anywhere else. You are already in My Presence.

I simply don’t want you to have so much mumbo-jumbo about death. Death does not bring you to your knees. It is not an ogre. It does not defeat you. It is just a servant. Whatever you think, it serves you well. It is not that Death helps you to escape from life. Death is a leaving, but it is not an escape. Life is yours forever. Death brushes your hair from your eyes so that you can see all that which was obscured from your view. It is like Death takes your sunglasses off. You simply don’t need them anymore. No angle of the Sun’s light is too bright for you anymore.

Are sunglasses, even designer sunglasses, really so precious to you? Do you think you are not you without them?

When your body dies, nothing has happened. It is not the big deal you have thought.

When on Earth you travel from one country to another, you simply travel from one beautiful country to another. You are still you.

And when your time on Earth is up, you simply change your direction and continue on your adventure. And you are still you.


The fourth letter considers how we react to the passing of a loved one.  It delves deeply into what it means to love another human being.

It Is the Past You Mourn For

Heavenletter #2673 Published on: March 20, 2008

God said:

There is such a difference for you from knowing and living. You know there is no death, and yet you mourn. Do not think I am making small of your grief. I am just pointing out the difference between what you understand and what you live. You are perfectly willing to accept that there is no death, and you may even have moments when you really do accept this, and yet still you cling to yearning for your loved one as he or she once was on Earth. You know there is death of a body, and you have well seen that when the body dies, the person you love is no longer there in that body. The body without your loved one’s presence abiding there is empty. You really know that. And yet you mourn. Fifty years later you still mourn.

I am not chastising you because your heart longs and longs for precious moments with your loved one, the memories of which are sweet, or bittersweet, or outright unendurable because you are now left with memories. Your grief is not less because you know, really know, that your beloved cannot return to you as he or she once was. Even when you feel your loved one’s presence as you sometimes do, you still want the physical back. You want the past, beloved. It is the past you mourn. It is yourself you mourn.

You gain some comfort in knowing your loved one does indeed exist in another realm, and that you will join him by and by, and yet you want him here in this realm that you are so accustomed to. Your heart breaks now. It is just too awful to contemplate that one who meant so much to you, the one who abides so in your heart, no longer lives with you. You can no longer reach out your hand and touch his. You can no longer have his face smiling at you. You can no longer have the sound of his voice nor treasured words from his lips. And yet you know there is more than that that you are missing with all your heart.

And, yet you know, with the imaginary passage of time, that it can never be as it was. If your loved one returned to you today, you could not just pick up as you were. You really know that, and yet you long for it even so. You yearn for even a few minutes of your beloved restored as it used to be.

What is the more that you miss? What is the more that above all you long for? You well know it is not the body. No matter how you long for its warmth, it is not the body. It is not the smile. It is not the words. Yes, you do long for these things, you long for all of it, and yet they are little next to that which is of the essence of your longing. The very consciousness of your loved one that continues and grows is what you want. Of course it is. Nothing else will do. This is the presence of your loved one that does continue to exist. You can be sure that your loved one is embracing you right this moment. And still you long for the past and how it was and how you yourself once were.

You give lip service to the fact that your loved one is not really gone, and yet you are bereft. What is it you are bereft of, beloved? Whatever sweetness your loved one brought out in you is what you long for. You long for how you once felt. Yes, you long for the presence of your loved one who struck a chord in you that no one else quite can. You are right. There is no replacement for the one you loved, and yet he is right beside you. Feel his love and your love now.


 The fifth selection addresses some of the dread-filled worries that are natural to us when a loved one dies.  We worry that the transition is painful.  We may entertain sad thoughts that our loss may be permanent.

In Memoriam to Sandy Hessler

Heavenletter #1372 Published on: August 19, 2004

God said:

Beloved, the moment of what you call death is always peaceful. There is no struggle. There is surrender to what has always been, and that is Eternity. Life as experienced in the world has most often been struggle against the truth of life. You think earth life is supposed to last forever, even though you give lip service that it is not. But the truth is that life itself is forever. There is only Being. There is no death. There is no after life really because life continues and never ends. Body falls away. Spirit stays with Me, and it stays with you. In death, it is only the physical that has changed. But how attached you are to the physical. Sooner or later you will loose the hold your fingers have on it.

The physical obviously has no life of its own. You consider the body the moving force. But you also know that cannot be. The spirit does not follow the body. The body is not a free agent. It accompanies you. You do not accompany it.

The body is a leash that follows you around. It ties you to earth, and yet you are untethered.

You feel great loss in your heart at the body death of a loved one near or far. In the shadow of death you have a clue as to the connectedness of all souls. Loss is a trick of the mind, beloveds.

Your friend has stepped over another threshold. This threshold is vaster than any you are aware of on earth. But friendship has not ended. Your friend is with you now. She is more with you now because no longer does she have the distraction of physical life. No longer is she pulled in any direction but in the direction of closeness to love. Closer to love, she brings all within her soul’s breath closer to love.

Your friend’s passage through the halls of earthly death is symbolic. There is no passage. Nothing has changed. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to leave. The only difference is in your thought. You were captivated by the existence of a physical being and all the senses. The senses are physical. You miss the physical sight and sound. You miss the imagined space the body filled. You miss the earthly responses. All the while, the connection is intact, and your sense of Oneness now has the opportunity to become more refined.

A party was held on earth, and now one of the guests deigns to go home and you are still at the party. Part of you would like to go home as well. Yet you grieve that your friend left the party. Because your friend left the party doesn’t mean she is gone. She is merely out of your sight right now. She stays in your thoughts but your thoughts are misinformed. Your thoughts tell you to be sad when you could be joyous that your friend has taken a cab home, and one that you will also take by and by.

You want to join your friend at the same time as you are afraid to leave the party.

Friendship is in the heart not the mind. Do not let your mind tell you that a life is over and a friendship gone. The very fact that your heart yearns for your friend tells you that she is still here. This spirit that you cannot see but yet feel in your heart — that is the truth of your friend. It was ever so.

The physical was just a lot of scenery. Make-up. But underneath the make-up, behind the scenes is where life takes place. Whether the curtain is up or the curtain is down, what is changed? Merely a curtain, an illusory curtain. The curtain could be see-through net or thick velvet — it’s still illusion.

There is no separation. There is no apartness. There is no loss. Why must your heart ache so? Let heartache go. You have your friend. She has gone nowhere. She is here with you now.

The sixth letter tells us that much of our suffering comes from our resistance to change.  We cannot expect to understand, but we are encouraged to have faith that all of relative worldly life is change and all this change is purposeful and meaningful.

The Fallibility of Events

Heavenletter #701 Published on: September 20, 2002

God said:

If it were always in your best interest to have everything the way you want, that’s what you would have. Whatever it may seem, the untoward that befalls you is not your downfall. If you had My view, you would know that. But you do not have My view. You have yours. Sometimes you are heart-broken at what befalls. It is really your attachment that breaks.

Even if you could accept, no matter how disguised it may appear, that good can come from whatever happens, you still might not like it. You would prefer something else.

First of all, there is a tendency for My beautiful children to ward off change, particularly change that is not of their own making. Or not of their desire, not yet anyway. You would rather put off change or certain change while you take time to think about it. But sometimes, action has to take place. Sometimes you need a nudge or a push or a shove, and you get it. Is that not so?

For reasons known or unknown — something comes to you, or you to it.

You may have been offered it many times before, and not paid attention, and then one day, it inserts itself in front of you. Life corrals you sometimes.

Looking back, sometimes you can follow the threads in your life that linked together for ultimate good. Sometimes you can see it in others’ lives and not in your own. And sometimes by no stretch of the imagination can you possibly see it. There are things in Human life that defy understanding. There is no satisfactory explanation for them in Human terms. There simply is not.

It is easy to accept the beautiful events that surpass understanding. You accept those readily enough. Something wonderful comes to you unbidden, and you don’t mind that you don’t know how you earned it or deserved it or if you did. You put that questioning aside. You are heaped with blessings that come to you, and you pick them up readily. As you should. As you should.

But when something transpires that is not beautiful to you, you question it backwards and forwards. You argue it. You wrestle it. Your resistance is the real struggle. The adversity is in your refusal. Something has happened, and you refuse it. It has already happened and you protest. You fight the past in that case.

You have to know that you are not less loved because of something that occurs. You are not more loved either. You are loved. You are My beloved. What you see as misfortune has an underside to it. Death has its bounty just as much as life does. Fortune and misfortune both seem to come with what you would call a price. With fortune, you call it reward. With misfortune, you call it penalty. You do not always know the difference, My beloveds.

You cannot absorb understanding of suffering in life. It is not that simple. I will not tell you suffering is good. I will not tell you that injustice is good. I will not tell you that starvation is good.

I will tell you, however, that everything is for something. Everything serves a purpose that is beyond itself. You are where you are, not as a result, but for a purpose. Think not so much about reward or penalty, but purpose. Reward and penalty are accumulations of the past. Purpose is in the present. You are where you are for a purpose. What is it?

The seventh and final letter is a love letter from God to each one of us.  We are assured that our ideas of death and loss are only passing illusion.  God sees only our beauty in our eternal reflection of His love.

Full Knowingness

Heavenletter #999 Published on: July 17, 2003

God said:

Today just sink into My love and protection. Feel the nourishment you receive. Feel the buoying of your heart. Feel the sap of life run through you.

Every morning I bless you. Every evening. Every hour. Every second, you are being blessed by the Mighty Blessor of All. There is not a turn of the earth when I am not blessing you and succoring you and blessing Myself for having created you. The Potter’s Wheel is good, and what the Potter makes is very good indeed.

Did you really think you made yourself? How shaky and haphazard that would be! You wouldn’t even know how to finish, let alone begin. You probably would have started and then gone off and done something else and then come back and forgotten where you left off. Do you really think you could have done better?

Think of the beautiful instrument you are. Think of the joy I put into creating you. I created you wholeheartedly. You were not some fooling-around experiment. You were My Great Project, and I gave you everything I had. I made you with exquisite precision and thought. I outdid Myself with you. I should win a prize.

But, of course, you are My prize. What I created is My own tribute to Myself. I need no other award. I am well-pleased. I am more than well-pleased. I am thrilled at what I have wrought. Would that you could be this well-pleased with your Creator! Then you would be well-pleased with yourself.

If you truly knew who you are, you would know no fear. You would laugh at the idea of fear. You would know no loss. You wouldn’t even grasp the concept. You would know nothing but the utter blazing light of love. You would know nothing but love and joy, and there would be nothing else to know. There would be nothing to run to nor to run from. You would sink to the very depths of the ocean of joy, and that would be the same as rising to the top. What could be the difference?

The idea of death would be absurd.

The idea of change would be laughable, for what a magic trick that is. If all that exists is the love and joy We share, then all this other is a story written upon the winds. The waves of the ocean do not change the ocean. There are ripples for a while, and then the waves settle down once again to the stillness of the ocean.

What is changed? How can what is eternal and immutable be changed? What possibly has the power to change it? And what could it change to!

You are a pool of Being, and Beingness is what you are. You can never not be. You can never be something else because there is not anything else to be.

All the beauty you see is yours. It is yourself you see.

When you see less than beauty, you are looking in a mirror that does not reflect truth. It is that simple. There are many mirrors to look through that are faulty. Because there are so many and they are so popular doesn’t mean they are true or worthwhile. It just means there are many. A thousand untruths do not touch the One Truth. It may be distorted in the glass, but it is not altered.

What on earth could change Me?

You are the beautiful child of My love that I created with full Knowingness.


As I mentioned in the introduction, the preceding seven letters were selected out of hundreds that deal with the human experience of death and grieving found among the thousands that comprise the Heavenletters archives.  Gloria describes her role in producing these letters as being a scribe for what God wishes to say to us on any given morning.  These letters were not produced in response to any specific questions or input from Gloria.

In contrast to the Heavenletters, Gloria has also published a series of dialogues which comprise God’s responses to Gloria’s questions and to questions from readers.  Gloria produced these dialogues prior to the Heavenletters and she calls them Heaven Sutras.

For the second section of this manuscript, I have included pertinent portions of the Heaven Sutras transcript from the questions to God from Diane, a mother of six whose youngest, Molly, was disabled and often critically ill.  Diane has graciously allowed her most tender and fervent sentiments to be published for anyone who might benefit from her struggle and the guidance she received.


                                           The Dialogues

Sutra Number:


Heaven Sutra Date:


Gloria to Heavenreaders:

Diane wrote a beautiful letter asking God about her little daughter and her own overwhelming sense of responsibility. In her letter, Diane mentions that her daughter is physically challenged. I take the liberty to describe what I know of Molly’s physical impairment so you can understand the extent and feel Diane’s heart with your own.

While Molly was in the womb, the umbilical cord was wrapped in such a way that Molly’s nutrient supply was cut by half, and her prenatal development was impaired. From the moment she was born, it was touch and go for Molly.

Molly is a beautiful little girl with huge eyes and brown curls, and she is very bright. She speaks well, has a sense of humor, and endears herself to everyone who meets her. But her body is frail.

The last I knew she could not lift her head on her own. There have been times when her breathing has stopped and she has been resuscitated.

Molly’s parents have done everything on earth for her.

She is Diane’s sixth child and only daughter.

Diane to God:

Dear God, this is about my fear. My Molly, my three-year-old who has many physical challenges, has had a very good summer. Today she is coughing again. She has had many bouts of bronchitis when I have feared for her life.

When I saw her having a hard time breathing this morning, my heart clutched with fear.

I am crying as I write this. I do not understand this. I know if she should die she will feel tremendous relief, have a great welcome-Home party, and be with You. Of course I will grieve, but I have such a strong connection with Molly since she has been in and out of her body so often that even her death does not seem like such a big transition for me.

So what is this fear and sadness? Is it about me trying to be God for her? Is it about my surrender to You? Is it about becoming like a child?

And is this really OK to be as a child, because today when this came to me it felt like such a relief. I want to be a child again. I want to have fun, and play, and trust that all is well, and not feel so much responsibility.

Will you help me with my questions?

Your eternally grateful daughter, Diane

God to Diane:

Dear Eternal Daughter Diane, you are very perceptive.

Molly is such a great part of your life. She was born to a family who knows the privilege and blessing of having her presence and her love. She is a great soul in a small body. She has brought you joy and opportunity for supreme growth.

She occupies your heart and time. Never is there a moment when she is out of your awareness. Always you are thinking how to reward Molly and make her existence on earth better for her.

You are right that you need not fear for Molly. How clear it is that she is not her body.

And yet the frail temporal body is most precious, and it is hard to think of her without it, and your being able to relinquish her care.

Thoughts of Molly’s transition have hung over you since her birth, and these thoughts devastate you. With the devastation, a natural human mechanism steps in; you start to placate your mind with how it will be when her soul rises back to Me and she is so clearly and fully in My care, and the responsibility is no longer yours.

The responsibility for her soul evolution never was yours, but you are the mother heart and hands that have held her hours a day and loved her and taken care of her human needs in supreme love.

You have also suffered for her. All your imaginings of her possible future on earth have wounded your heart, and you have felt sometimes that you are selfish to wish her to live.

The great fear and the great conflict is: wishing Molly to continue on earth for your sake and hers, and then wanting her, truly for her sake, to return to the holy heart of God. If only you could know what is for her sake, then you might not despair over thoughts of life without her.

You know, Diane, Molly will occupy your heart always, but you also wonder what kind of mother contemplates her daughter’s return journey to Heaven, no matter now imminent it might be. And, as if that is not enough, your thoughts have gone to your life afterwards with a certain exhilaration, and what pain that causes you, dear Diane. Diane, dear child of Mine, how could you feel otherwise?

What mother has not thought of her child’s human death with anguish and yet, at the same time, fantasized the aftermath? What mother, even in the easiest of circumstances, has not thought of her high school days when she was carefree?

You have been a mother six times, Diane, and you are a good one. Good mother and good human being.

How kind you would be to another mother in your shoes. Please be kind to yourself.

Cry your tears and then wipe them away. Cry them again and smile through them. All on earth is temporary, Diane.

It is not only okay to be a child but to be My child.

You are all children out there in earthland.

What does any of you know? Which of the tallest can govern his life and that of his children? Not one.

So abdicate the throne now. The responsibility was never yours. You took it on.

Even as you take daily care for that light of your life, that Molly, the responsibility is Mine. Give Me the mantle you wear on your shoulders, for it is not yours, and it never was.

Throw off that mantle right now, and give it to Me. Make a ceremony of it in your heart.

In place of that mantle, I give you a delicate hairpin that reflects My love. I barrette one of the same onto Molly’s hair as well.

When you release Molly to My care and release your own hold, Molly will be stronger. Molly can breathe on her own.

Molly has her own choices and her own life.

She has learned of Me through you, Diane.

You have been her umbilical cord to Me, and now she is with Me. Whatever happens, she is with Me.

Do not torture yourself worrying any longer how long her body will live.

Molly lives.

Enjoy the moment with that great gift.

Take whatever freedom you can find now, and go out dancing or for a class or whatever gives you recreation. You can leave Molly with her father or a friend or an aunt with a clear heart.

When you have relinquished your responsibility and given it to Me, it will be easier for you to leave her with others. Molly is as dependent on you only as much as you think she must be.

Let her share her love freely with others.

Let them love her in their way, not yours.

Whether you are in Molly’s physical presence or elsewhere, love is not changed.

Molly does not suffer, Diane.

You would love Molly to be carefree as a child and to be able to play and romp. Molly is here for other play.

Molly feels responsible for you, dear Diane, so you must teach her by example that she is not.

Make a little ceremony of Molly’s releasing you to Me, no longer making herself responsible for you.

I will be coming into your awareness frequently, especially in the next few days, and you will note how I am responsible for you without a heavy sense of responsibility. Responsible love without sense of responsibility is joy.

And you were made for joy, dear Diane, and you are My joy.

Continue to share your life with Heavenreaders and spread your joy, for it is theirs.

Do not be frightened, for I am with you, and with your daughter, and with every soul on earth.

Look at the big picture and not the details.

Stay with Me.


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Heaven Sutra Date:


 Diane to Heavenreaders:

Molly is doing very well. She got through her illness in just a week, whereas last spring it would have taken many weeks.

Molly is having surgery on Thursday to repair a small hole in her soft palate. Heavenletters has been priceless in helping me prepare for her surgery.

More later.


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Heaven Sutra Date:


Diane to God:

Dear God, the letting go of responsibility for Molly and giving it to You is a miracle!

I am more at peace with her than I have ever been, and she is blossoming. She has been very healthy after a short week of bronchitis. Her surgery went very well. She seems more independent.

I compare this to the letting go that happens when a couple adopts a child after trying a long time to conceive, and then they very soon conceive.

It seems that, when I gave up trying so hard to make everything okay for Molly and trusted that she and I were both in good hands, then everything became okay (even when it did not meet my expectations).

It is the surrender, the letting go that is the key?

God to Diane:

Dear Beloved Diane, when you release control, nature can do its thing. Releasing is noninterference. With the release of control, more positivity and less fear emanate from you, and little Molly radiates your positivity. She feels you have more confidence in her.

You have more confidence in Me, Diane, and, therefore, the mechanics of life fall more into place. Your sweet sensitivity and love are shown in your releasing life to life.

I am proud of you, Diane. Proud isn’t exactly the word, but it comes close. I am happy and uplifted. I am well-pleased.

You and Molly are great workers for Heaven.

My love surrounds you.

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Heaven Sutra Date:


Update from Diane:

Dear Gloria, all is well here. Molly stays healthy and is getting stronger and has such a wonderful sense of humor. When things seem slow or sad, she says, “Well, at least we have Thanksgiving going for us!” (or whatever the next holiday is — it started with Halloween).

I keep having new insights supported by God and Heaven (at least we have God going for us!). Hope all is joyful for you.


Dear God, look at Diane and Molly. Aren’t they beautiful.


Simple, Gloria. They know what matters. They know that love matters. Little Molly knows how to wring goodness from every moment. A wise little girl who will inspire many with her light. A little girl who will take the world to new heights. A teacher from Heaven. A blessing to the world. Teaching the power of consciousness, lighting the way to My heart, opening doors, swinging them open for all to see where I am and where I lead.

Diane, make sure that you tell Molly that she is a special messenger from God, and that she has great things to do for Me that only she can do. Will you do that?

Indeed, Molly and Diane have God going for them.

Editor’s note:  The term Godwriting, which appears in the next dialogue, bears some explanation.  Gloria has called the process in which she is the scribe for God’s words Godwriting.  She teaches this process to others in Godwriting Workshops.


Sutra Number:


Heaven Sutra Date:


Diane to Gloria:

Dear Gloria, this morning, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Molly died. She had been congested for three days, and I thought she was going to be all right, but last night I could see she was in trouble and took her to the hospital. She died at about four this morning.

I used to call her Angel, and now she is really my angel.

I have to tell you how much Heavenletters and all the Heavenreaders mean to me and how they have helped me grow in my love and faith in God. I am so grateful.

I have some questions for God, if you would be so kind as to ask for me.

Diane to God:

Dear Heavenly Father, I know my little girl is in Your care and that you are taking care of her. I know that she is in Heaven with you. I am grateful to You for the the time she spent with us.

Although I can say it was her time to go, I cannot help wondering, dear God, if we had taken her to the hospital sooner, would it have made a difference?

She has left a big space in our family’s life. What do we do now? What do I do now? Cry, I know, until we don’t have to any more.

Thank You for Your love and for taking care of Molly.

God to Diane:

My treasure Molly is indeed here with Me. She would dry your tears if she could and take your pain away.

Tears are your safety valve, dear daughter. Let your grief cry itself out. The sadness is not for Molly. You know that. But that is all right, for you still believe in loss. I do know and understand how important the physical dimension becomes for My children. You have no need to deny it or push it away.

It is not just anyone that I entrusted Molly with. Take these words to your heart. You fulfilled Molly’s needs perfectly. You were her angel, Diane.

Her stay on earth this round was finished. There was nothing you could do about it. You do not have control of the time the soul leaves the body. That was between Molly and Me. I do not say that to give you comfort, although I wish to give you comfort. I tell you that because that is the truth of it. I tell you only truth. I can do nothing else.

Man on earth thinks he has control of life and death. He thinks he creates the child, but he does not. The child is created through you, much as Godwriting comes through you. You were the vessel for her life on earth and not the consigner nor controller of it. You cannot consign the creation of the life of a child on earth any more than you can consign the end of a life on earth. It is not in your hands. It is not your perogative. It is not your choice. It is not your doing.

Dear Diane, if you had taken beloved Molly to the hospital sooner, the moment of her entry into Heaven would have been the same. And you would be thinking that maybe if you had not taken Molly to the hospital, she would still be in her body. Do you understand me?

It is an ego thing to take the responsibility for the beginning or ending of a human life.

Your guilt for Molly is not new, Diane. You held yourself responsible for everything. After all, it was in your womb that her physical existence began. But, dearest Diane, even in your womb, it was Molly’s life and not yours. Molly led the life she was to live. Was there a better way that she could have taught love?

Molly’s life on earth was like the ringing of a dainty silver bell. That bell still rings and is heard. The sound of her rings out and stirs hearts and keeps ringing from one heart to another. It is an eternal sound, this ringing of a dainty silver bell. All were blessed to hear it. And you heard it the most.

Molly has not left you. Her physical form has left you. You do not have her less than you ever had her, for she was always her own. And Mine.

Your assignment now is to nurture yourself. Treat yourself as you treated Molly. What would give you some happiness now, that is your question.

Have no guilt for new freed time for yourself and your little sons and your bereft husband. As you go, so goes your household, Diane. I do not talk pretending here. I do not talk bravery. I talk goodness to yourself.

If Molly were in school, and you had a bank of time, what might you do with it? Would you meet a friend for coffee and pastry? Would you sit and read a book? Would you poke around the stores? Work in the garden? Soak in the tub? Bake brownies? Maybe you will spend one day a week with children who were not so fortunate with love as was Molly.

Well, Molly is in school, a special angel school, and you are in another. You are in a school that allows you to pick your own curriculum. You will find your way to it, Diane.

You will fill your life with love that expands and extends. I give you My love, My total love, and I tell you to do with it as you will. That is your tribute to Molly and your continuation of her great love.

All is well.


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Heaven Sutra Date:


Gloria to God:

Dear God, my heart is sad at Molly’s passing. I know I should not be. I know she is with You safe in Your arms. I have an image of her dancing and flying in such free movement, and, of course, that is what the soul does.

So, my heart aches for Molly’s mother and father and brothers, for all of us who mourn her and will miss her light and wisdom. Most especially, my heart aches for the mother. I was going to ask You what words of comfort You have for Diane, but I find I want Your comfort, dear Heavenly Father.


Molly’s wings spread far. They reached you a thousand miles away, for, between hearts, there is no distance.

Your expectation was that Molly’s body would continue and that her work for Me was on earth to do, and now your idea has to change.

You have to change the functioning of your thoughts, Gloria.

Molly is where she and I wanted her to be. Her work continues from on high.

Release Molly from your hold on her. She does not have to be in a body in a certain house within a certain family to exist. She exists.

The body is temporal. Molly is not temporal. She has moved from one location to another, and she has traveled light.

The purpose of the body is not to keep it as long as possible.

The world tells you that it is terrible that someone dies and is, therefore, lost to you. No one dies, and no one is lost to you.

A body dies, and the soul flies free.

Molly is at Home now, but she is not less with you, Gloria, and all the Godwriters and all the Heavenreaders. Molly’s influence with you will continue. If her three years on earth have taught you much, imagine what she will teach you from on high.

Molly has become a butterfly and flown to Me where I welcome her with open arms, arms widespread to catch her, to catch her earth love trailing to Heaven for a new supply.

I bless Molly, her parents, and family, and I bless you. Now, you, bless Molly to her new life in Heaven, which is a continuation of the one on earth. It is another chapter in her story, and I will help you turn the pages.

Dry your tears. Her body was only an appearance, and Molly plays on another stage where she knows only freedom and glory. Would you be sad for that?

Only sad for yourself. Don’t be sad for Molly who is with Me totally as We speak.

Molly says that she has not left her mother and father but will be with them always as a dear friend on high. She throws kisses and speaks of her joy in Heaven.


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Diane to Heavenreaders:

Thank you all, dear hearts, for the outpouring of love and concern and compassion you have sent me in my grief. I feel so blessed to be caught in a Heavenweb of support. I love you all.

Diane to God:

Dear God, I am lost for words. The effect of Molly’s passing is awesome and will reverberate in me until my passing. I want more than anything to be one with Molly. Since this is already true, I want more than anything to experience the oneness. I ache for the sound of her voice, the touch of her hand, the sweetness of her smile.

There was an intensity of sadness for three days and almost to the minute of 72 hours after her passing there was a lifting of intensity. Can You explain this?

Also please tell me how Molly is. Thank you, my dear Father.

God to Diane:

Dear Diane, Mother of Molly and Five Sons, I am laughing at you! Your last question — how is Molly! Might as well ask how I am! I will tell you that We are fine! That doesn’t surprise you, does it! You just want to hear it from Me.

Molly is happy. Her spirit rests a bit. She has earned her reward. She will shine on you, Diane. Love is. It never goes away.

The three days are earth time. In Heaven, there is no time. Heaven is out of time. It is timeless, as, in truth, are you. The lifting of your intensity as you experienced it was the moment of truth as Molly completed her transition. Do you see how close you are to each other?

Molly let go of her earth attachments. She let go of remnants of sense of physicality. And she let go of you, Diane. Established in My care, she blew you a kiss of farewell which is the same as a kiss of welcome, for Molly knows not of separation. She knows only of wholeness now.

How is Molly? Ask how is the Sun!

Diane, her touch, her voice, her smile are precious tokens of her love and yours. Those elements are gone. They are not in your reach any longer, but the love they signaled is written in Heaven and in your heart for all time. You and Molly are branded forever. Nothing can separate you.

You were always alert to Molly’s needs, and that work is done. Now be alert for your needs. Fulfill Molly’s love by attention to your present happiness. She has left you a legacy of love. Her love transcended her physical form in earthly life, and now her love transcends that body’s death. Make your life a memorial to her courage. I know you will not make it a memorial to sadness. Grieve as you need, but know that your love for Molly is not greater in grief than it is in happiness. Give her the gift of your happiness.


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Diane to Gloria:

Dear Gloria, I am in the process of letting go of Molly’s physical presence — giving away her toys, equipment and clothes. Saying many thank-you’s to all the people in her life. I guess I am doing my part in creating Heaven on earth with all the tears I am shedding. I know Heaven comes with the laughter, too, and I do much of that as well. This leads to my question to God.

Diane to God:

Dear Loving Father, how can I know all is well every single minute?

I know when I feel grateful all is well. I know when I watch the sunset and sunrise all is well. I know when I listen to music all is well. I know when I read Heavenletters all is well. I know when I look at the ever-increasing Christmas lights in my home all is well. But these feel like a small part of my day.

I am looking for the ongoing letting go, where I feel I can relax because a Loving Being is now in charge.

I know I am lucky to have this physical experience, and now I want to translate it into knowing You are the Ultimate Loving Presence, and the earth is my home.

God to Diane:

The earth is your temporary home. Your true Home is in Heaven. You are Homesick, dear Diane, and missing Molly.

Right now you do not feel lucky to have this earth experience. You know you are supposed to be glad, but you are not. Earth life does not compare, in human eyes, to Heaven life for only one reason: so much of your spirit life is obscured to you. And, so, you have to take it on faith.

You are of greater use to Me right now on earth than you would be in Heaven. Your soul has more power in a physical body now than without because humans recognize your spirit. They see your light and hear your words and read your words. You are right there before them in your physicality.

Your question here alone has brought healing to many hearts. Your question alone brings many closer to Me, and therefore to their truth. Your question alone transforms life on earth. Life in Heaven needs no transformation.

Life on earth needs awareness. You bring awareness to souls hungering for it.

Do not ask of yourself that you have total awareness of My love every minute. Let it come. Otherwise, you are orchestrating it. Don’t ask too much of yourself. Have the intent to be in perfect accord with My Will, and you will have more peace.

Watch sunrise and sunset, and remember them during your day, for all of nature reminds you of Heaven. Christmas lights remind you of light, My light and yours. Heavenletters jiggles your memory, stirs the truth in your heart, and opens your energy to Mine. Music echoes the sweetness We share.

Jesus too had his questions, and he asked them.

Relative life is not all smooth-sailing, for it is on earth. Earth life has bumps. That is precisely because it is physical. But the truth-that-is-you rides in Heaven. The truth of earth is Heaven. Keep watching for Me, dear Diane. Look for Me. Await Me. Be patient with Me. I hear your tears, and I hear your laughter, and all is well all the time.

Your loving Father, God


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Diane to God:

Dear God, I keep holding onto Molly’s physical death and feeling guilt and pain, sadness and fear. I tried to do everything I could to make her physical life comfortable, and I feel like I have failed in her last days of sickness and death.

My husband, Rod, keeps remembering how she stuck her finger down her throat, trying to get more air. I fear that she suffered, and that I should have done something more or something different.

I know You said her time of death would have been the same no matter what I did, but now I am beating myself up for not doing it right. Please help me. I love You very much.

God to Diane:

Dear Diane, you knew Molly so much in the physical. Your hands took care of her. You filled her every need. It is not surprising that you miss her with all your heart.

You know, blaming yourself gives you great opportunity to remember Molly. What exquisite pain you feel at the thought of her little body. How can you stop thinking of Molly when plagued with guilt? Guilt seems honorable, so you have a good excuse to frame your thoughts of her around it. But guilt is of the ego, Diane. It certainly is not of Me.

You think it is tragedy that Molly left her body.

You think her life was cut short.

Her life lasted as long as it was supposed to. This life of hers on earth had a beginning, middle, and an end. It was her life. You contributed to her life, not her death. And she did not suffer.

Your body gave birth to her, Diane, but your body did not give her life. It is I who gave her life. I breathed life into her body. It is presumptuous to think that you could take that breath away anymore than you could give it.

You feel guilt that your life is easier now.

Do you really think you should be punished? If you do, keep on punishing yourself. If you don’t, stop now.

Don’t weep for Molly, dear Diane. She flies free. The death of the body is required for that. Would you really deny or delay her freedom? Not for her, you wouldn’t. Perhaps for yourself.

Now, here is what I would like you to do.

Write Molly a letter. Pour your heart out to her. Tell her everything. Tell her all. Then listen to the impulses of her response. You will hear her answers. They are hers, not yours. If her response is not clear to you, answer yourself as she would. You know how she would answer.

Guilt is not honorable, dear Diane. It does not make you more worthy, nor does it make you less. It’s just a waste of your talent.

Do you not think that the mother of Molly deserves freedom and joy? You are still Molly’s mother.

At the same time, Diane, My child, do not ask too much of yourself. Cry your tears, and then cry them again. And, yes, your tears do purify the world.

And tell Rod that you both loved that gift of Mine named Molly Rose, and that you love her still. Feelings of guilt do not make your love more or stronger. You are worthy enough without guilt. There is no blame.

Honor Molly by honoring yourselves.

Her sweet soul wills for you to regain happiness.

Will you not make up with yourself, forgive yourself for not getting her to the hospital sooner, even though the outcome would have been the same? Still, you need to forgive yourself.

Grief will not always hold you captive. It will go its course.

Christ, Mary, and I give you Our full blessings, and accept yours, for you do bless Us, Diane.

See what comes of this letter you write and let Me know.

Love, Your God in Heaven and on Earth


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Diane to Gloria:

Dear Gloria, I do not know if you want to print all of this. God said He wanted to hear back from me.

Diane’s letter to Molly, as God had suggested she write, and Molly’s answer through Diane’s Godwriting:


My Darling Molly, I miss you so much. I miss your adorable smile, your great sense of humor, your loving being. You loved me so much and so consistently. I wish I had appreciated your love more while you were here. I was so caught up in helping your physical being and being afraid and wearing myself out with your care (and everyone else’s) that I feel like I missed many opportunities to bask in your love and in loving you.

You were so good at just being. God, I love that about you. I feel guilty about feeling relief and relieved of your physical care. I so wanted you to be able to do more, and I felt so inadequate. I wish I had taken more cues from you. If only I had known you were to be with us for only three years, I would have basked in your light and played with you more and soaked you up. I guess I can do that now.

And your last illness and death — I hope my senses were serving me. I hope you did not suffer. I hope I did what you wanted. I adore you Molly, and I am so grateful for my time with you. I will eternally love you and your gifts to me.

Love, Mommy

Molly to Diane:

Dear Mommy, Oh Mommy, you stop that. Now, I know you are sad and I am sorry. But, Mommy, you did such a good job taking care of me.

I couldn’t have asked for a better earth experience. You gave me so much love and attention, even though you were overwhelmed. And I love your singing. You always sang to me.

No I did not suffer in your care, even in my last hours and minutes. I knew where I was going and I was joyful. You were my angel, Mommy. And you still are.

Yes, I know your memory of our dancing together to the Pachabel Cannon. It is lovely. Come there with me whenever you want, and our hearts will embrace.

I love you for eternity too, Mommy. Be happy. I am. And keep finding God in your life.


Diane to God:

Dear God, this feels good. Did I correctly pick up Molly?

I have been thinking about guilt and how it feels like a contraction and a narrowing of focus. Today I have been on the edge of sadness and guilt, and I try to think about expanding and what is good in my life and what I am wanting. I feel like I have both my hands raised up, and You are pulling on one and Molly is pulling on the other, helping me from sinking into despair and guilt.

Any other suggestions?

Your willing servant, Diane

God to Diane:

My dear willing servant, willing daughter, willing friend, mother of dear Molly, rose in My heart, willing listener, willing asker, willing sharer, willingness of My Will.

You have correctly understood Molly. You have correctly understood your arms reaching up and Our pulling you up. I see you rise up out of your body and come, for you do know, dear one, that you spend time here with Us as well as on earth in your body.

I ask Gloria to print here now My message about the white crystal room:

I wash you of the past. You can step out of it now. You can step up out of it. You can step up into a new room where all is white and new. This is a renewal room. When you walk out of this room, you are absolved from the past. It is past. You have left old clothes and old ways. You step out of this white renewal room with yourself alone.

See how light you feel.

You put on clothes of gossamer.

Your eyes shine bright.

Your cheeks are powdered with star dust.

You do not step out of the white renewal room; you float out, so light are your steps.

You weave in and out of the masses in the world. In other words, there are no obstacles for you. You winnow your way through events in time and space. You are as light as a feather, a gentle breeze, a blush on the cheek.

You leave sparkles of God’s love, like the path of a bridal train. You are effortless.

Your vibration is so high-frequency that it is quiet, imperceptible, a long-ago tune.

Love flows through your veins like the sap of flowers. Your muscles are flower balls. Your skin is pure white butterfly wings that you can see through.

Your lips are rose petals. Your tongue is a fern frond from which plays a sweet song as on a violin.

Your ears are soft buds that hear the Voice of God.

Your arms are a tender branch, your fingers twigs that brush the paper with My thoughts.

Your feet are piano keys, played ever so lightly.

Your mind is a soaring eagle.

Your heart is the moon, full of reflected light.

Your spine is a golden thread held by angels in God’s Heaven, so far-reaching is your spine, so smooth and fluid, so rich in music, so endearing like the notes of a flute or a human voice ah-ing to God.

Your neck is a strong stem.

Your head, a pink peony, catching the sunlight in all directions.

Your path, a comet’s trail.

Your step, the pulse of the universe.

You are wrapped around the universe like ribbon, like packing tape, like strands of love.

You dive into the center of the universe, and you swim there. You swim in and out of there and palpitate the earth.

You cup the sky in your hands. You orchestrate the stars. You bow to the moon. Your baton is made of light, and you light the light of the Heavens, and you open the Heavens, peer in, and see yourself waiting for you.

You become invisible, so much light are you. You weigh nothing. You are everything.

You dance back to earth and return to yourself there, sitting on your bed and witnessing My words that tell of your tour, tell of Me, the Tour Guide Who takes you to wherever you want to go.


Sutra Number:


Heaven Sutra Date:


Diane to God:

Dear God, I am trying to find a missing piece in my understanding. I love what You said the other day about when something hurts my feelings, it is really Your love saying, “Notice My love, you have been looking elsewhere.”

Is it that simple? Will You elaborate on this idea?

When I feel hurt by my husband’s behavior or Molly’s passing, is that because I am not noticing Your love?

Am I feeling unlovable so then I experience unlove? Help! This feels really important.

Love, Your Work In Progress, Diane

God to Diane:

When you are feeling hurt by your husband’s behavior or thoughts of Molly’s passing, think of Me more. Notice My love more. Think of Me more intently. Let go of the other thoughts. Putting your thoughts on Me is the cure. Switch your thoughts to a higher level, dear Diane.

Hurt and aggravation are like beepers that go off. “Okay, time now to get back on the God track.” If you can think of the beepers as signals of love rather than torment, you are already ahead, are you not?

Do not ask perfection of yourself. You are not less when you are annoyed or hurt or angry. You are merely sidetracked.

There is big difference between feeling hurt by what your husband says or does and missing Molly. In missing Molly, there is sweetness, is there not?

We know that it is better to let go of control than to keep it. Control is a clamping force. How do you then let go of your ideas and your emotions without controlling them?

You do not make them go. You say goodbye to them, and let them go. That happens of itself when you turn to Me.

Do not hesitate to give Me your troubles. Do not be ashamed or feel unworthy to give Me your troubles. Give Me your pain as well as your love. And it is My desire that you not only give Me your mountains but that you give Me your ant hills as well.

When you say goodbye to what bothers you, you gently close a door.

Before what bothers you arrives, you can set up boundaries. That is not the same as control.

Katrina needs to set up some boundaries at work. If she allows people to infringe on her, naturally she will become irritated and cross.

How do you set up boundaries that people will not walk over? It is not a pronouncement. It is not rules and regulations. It is a silent line that your sense of self-worth sets up. Your sense of self-worth fills the space around you, and no one will step over it. Or, if they do, they will know right away what they have done and refrain from doing it again.

It is not My Will that Katrina or Lauren ever be taken advantage of.

In marriage, it is harder for My children. Diane, in your marriage, two people living together, your husband wants more of your attention. He gets it by needling you. His behavior is his behavior. His words are his words. But how they affect you is a pattern. You may be able to set things up in such a way that your husband feels more of your love and attention and less of a need to jab at you. I am not putting his behavior on you, Diane. His behavior belongs to him. But you live with him, and you want the living to be easier for both of you.

Can you think of a special treat for him? You are always doing something special for the children, thinking of ways to give them joy, and make life better. In a way, your husband is one of your children. Can he be important when he comes home from work?

I do not want you doing anything gritting your teeth, dear Diane, but if you can find a way in your heart to give your husband something more, it could break the pattern of your relationship and turn the balance towards more evenness.

Now, everything that happens around you isn’t your doing, Diane. I want to make that clear. But how you feel about what goes on and what you choose to do about it is your doing.

As to your perceptive question: Am I feeling unlovable so then I experience unlove? If you find yourself feeling unlovable, give what you would most like to have right then. What would that be but love?

And when someone sends you unlove, they are feeling unlovable. And then they may prove to themselves that they are unlovable by further unlovable behavior. But they are, without exception, asking for love. Perhaps instead of love, We could better say acceptance. Neutrality. It is hard not to take personally what seems to be perpetrated on you, for it seems intolerable.

Turn to Me, Diane, and turn your thinking. Find another way to look at what you’re looking at. Come from a different angle. Turn your other cheek.

Ask Me more questions, dear Diane.

And, yes, Molly continues to thrive in Heaven.


Sutra Number:


Heaven Sutra Date:


Diane to God:

Dear God, Your response to my question about human and Divine was wonderful.

I went to bed last night repeating over and over in my head, “What if what seems intolerable was tolerable?”

Today I realized that there is a part of me that cannot tolerate Molly’s passing. So if it is intolerable, I must be blaming You, right? I desperately want to know Your love, but first I have to forgive You…forgive You for taking my precious angel back to Heaven.

Help me to open my heart to forgiving You.

It had never occurred to me that I harbored unforgiveness until I read the word intolerable.

Molly’s coming and Molly’s going seem intolerable and a blessing at the same time. I was so afraid and so worried about her when she was born.

Then I grew to love her so much.

Then I learned how to release her care to You.

Then You took her home.

Dear Father, help me find this tolerable.

God to Diane:

I will help you.

You do not have to forgive Me, dear Diane, and in your deepest heart you know that. For what would you forgive Me? For being God? For loving your daughter? For having a vision vaster than yours? Forgive Me for loving you?

My dear, forgive yourself for that natural understandable protesting energy that creates a wedge in your heart. It is not Me to forgive. Do you see that? Call it what you will, but forgive that wedge. Forgive yourself for your humanness and the tiniest block to Our love. The unrelenting heart does not punish Me; it punishes itself. Never do I want your heart troubled.

And so you have so graciously given Me that hurting thread in your heart to remove, and I warm it. Your heart was eased with the asking of your beautiful honest forthright surrendering question, although you may have had some minor trepidation waiting for My answer. Dearest Diane, simple, clear, beautiful Diane, you are to Me what Molly is to you. Ask Me, ask Me anything anytime anywhere. That is My slogan, and it is true.

Diane, dear, Molly never left home. She was always with Me. Molly was not her body. She was not her voice. She was not her words. She was your love, Diane. Listen to My words. Molly was your love. In her human form, she was a reflection of your love. Molly was a mirror and a thermometer of your love. Your love, Diane. How beautiful is your love. It is like Mine, for you are a reflection of My love. Has your love changed because Molly’s body is no more?

If Molly indeed had life no longer, it would be intolerable. It would be intolerable for Me as well. But she shifted the plane on which she flourishes. A different address. Pure Molly. Whole Molly.

Remember that she is My daughter as well.

We do not have a tug of war over her.

We shared her. We share her still.

If she could be returned to you in her same form, would you choose that for her? I know you would for fifteen minutes, to hold her once again, to say what you want to say. But after fifteen minutes, you would hand her back to Me and say, “God, I wanted her back for my gratification alone. Thank You, but I cannot keep her. Yes, God, she belongs with You now.”

Molly is an idea, Diane. She was always an idea in your mind. Her body was an idea. You have associated her body’s death as a dreadful intolerable thing. That is another idea.

Diane, what if you had grown up in a world where, when someone left their body, the whole world rejoiced. What if so-called death were a sanctioned time for celebrating? Fireworks would go off. There would be splendid celebrations, and banners would read: “Dear one, until we meet again.”

I will tell you. Part of grief is a kind of jealousy. You would like to be free of all that Molly is free of. You would like to be with Molly in Heaven. More than for her to be returned to you on earth, you want to fly with her to Heaven. But it is not time for you now.

Perhaps it is time for you to write another letter to Molly, and tell her everything. And let her write back to you through yourself. Share your sweet letter and Molly’s reply.

Dear Diane, if you have to blame, and sometimes My children do, then I am a good one to blame. I can take it. Write Me a private letter in which you say it all. Consider Me a pillow you pound. Finish pounding, and I will still smile at you. And you will still be Molly’s mother and My child.

Have I answered sufficiently for you? Let Me know. Ask Me anything you want. Again and again. It matters not. We connect, you and I. That is what matters.

Sutra Number:


Heaven Sutra Date:


Diane to Molly:

My Dearest, Darling Molly, how I miss your smile and laugh and funny conversations. Such a bright little light is missing from our home.

Out of my grieving comes a desire to be closer to you, and closer to God. I want to experience the giving and receiving of love we shared when you were in a body. How do I do that?

Sometimes I wish I were in Heaven with you. God is right, though. If I had you back for 15 minutes to hold you and kiss you and tell you how much I love you, it would be time for you to go back to God where I know you are thriving.

I am trying to feel good and be grateful as much as possible, because at these times I feel my connection more clearly with you and God.

I felt you with us riding on the snowmobile today. It is nice to have you in my heart when I am having fun.

Love, Mom

Molly to Diane, written through Diane:

My Dearest, Darling Mommy, I am with you. I am part of you as you are part of me. We interweave like the vines of ivy growing on our house.

I am in a fresh place now. It is easy for me to be joyful and at peace and one with all that is.

You are in a fresh place sometimes, and in a stale place sometimes.

Remember the vision you had on New Year’s Eve of me taking your hand and pulling you with me to come and play? See me beckoning you to come and play when you get stuck in a stale place. It’s a magic cure for the blues. It’s the pinks I offer, haha!

At least we’ve got pink going for us!

Have FUN mama. I love you so-o-o much.

Your Molly


Sutra Number:


Heaven Sutra Date:


Diane to God:

Dear God, I am spending very little time feeling sad and missing Molly. I am so grateful for Your words that are ever helpful. In talking to several friends last week, I felt the sadness and loss as if it had just happened. I did not like it, and, as I was on the brink of tears, my desire was to not go there, but I felt like I had no control.

I then found a prayer in Heaven which began: “Here God, take these feelings from me. I no longer need them. I allow my old life to go on its way and I open to the new.” Since then, when I feel sadness about Molly, I go directly to this prayer. Sometimes I feel immediate relief and other times I feel like a tug of war is going on inside me.

My counselor voice says, “Now, Diane, you know how important it is to feel your feelings”. And my God voice says, “Give them all to Me”.

Will You shed more light on this process and how to proceed?

God to Diane:

I am not aware that you have denied your feelings. I believe you have expressed them and expressed about them very well.

At what point do you decide that you have suffered enough over Molly’s coming to Me? The rest of your life? One year? Now?

This is not pushing your feelings away. This is honestly looking at your feelings, and saying to Me: “God, maybe I have had enough of this pain. You have taken Molly into Your arms, and mine are bereft. I loved her with all my heart. I love her still. I miss her. When is it honorable for me to give up the suffering and just keep the love?”

Many confuse loving and suffering. Many attach judgment. They think suffering indicates love, and freedom of suffering indicates lack of love. I don’t think you believe that.

Diane, if you stop crying and allow your daughter in your heart and mind to be where she is with Me, have you stopped loving her? Perhaps it is a greater loving because it lets her go.

You do not abandon your daughter by letting your suffering go. You do not abandon your daughter by letting her go. You do not abandon your daughter or your motherhood by finding other joys to occupy your life. What Molly was and is to you will never change. From My perspective, it is not love that finds its home in suffering. Suffering has its drama. Love isn’t extolled with drama.

Dear Diane, cry when you cry, and laugh when you laugh. You do not have to control either way. Do not feel wrong to cry or wrong to enjoy. Both have their place. You are not better if you cry, nor less if you find joy. If there is some point remaining in suffering, lean to it. If you have wrung all there is to get from suffering, leave it. Molly doesn’t need you to suffer. Do you need it? Perhaps some friends need it. Perhaps they can cry with you over Molly instead of what they might have to cry over.

This is not to say that crying is not good. It is good. And it is necessary for My children. The question is how long? Some mourners’ devote their whole lives to their mourning. Their apparent loss becomes their emblem. Would you want someone to actively mourn you day in and day out?

Diane, free yourself. Mourning is not more honorable than joy. Which do you choose as tribute to Molly’s spirit?

What you have here is My permission to leave mourning. That does not mean you have to. It means you have My permission and My encouragement. My permission and My encouragement are blessings. I blessed you with Molly on earth, and now I bless you without Molly on earth. We are the same, dear Diane. We go along the same, you and I. Follow Me.


Sutra Number:


Heaven Sutra Date:


Diane to God:

Dear God, I have been soaking up Your responses to Gloria about Ginger, and filling in Molly’s name for Ginger’s, and learning more. “If I believed that loving Molly meant being happy, even with her body gone, I could stop hurting and try out happiness”.

I was remembering my love for Molly, and I was struck by the knowing that the greatest love I felt for her was in the last two months of her physical life when I had given the responsibility for her well-being to You. Then I was able to relax enough to really enjoy her.

Did my letting go have something to do with her transition time?

Does Molly have anything she wants me to know as I go forward?

God to Diane:

Your letting go of Molly, your giving the responsibility over to Me, made it possible for you to enjoy her more. You gave to God what is God’s. You gave My child to Me in faith. You acknowledged that what was Mine was Mine.

Your heart said: “Oh, Molly is Your child, dear God. You entrusted her to me on earth, but I know that all the while she is Yours and never out of Your sight. We share her love, God, you and I. Molly, You, and I are like a trinity. We are definitely a triangle of love. We share the One Love. Three-pointed One Love.”

The recognition and admission of truth freed you, and it freed Molly. Your acknowledgement of truth had nothing to do with the time of Molly’s leaving earth and coming whole-heartedly to Me.

Your recognition and admission of truth was a gift you gave to yourself. Molly’s transition would have been rougher for you without that blessed interval you gave to yourself, Diane. When you surrendered Molly to Me, you surrendered yourself.

Is memory attachment? Must be. For a while, Humans are attached to their memories. Anything to make a connection. And connection you want.

Memories fade, and that brings its own sadness to My children. But what does not fade is love. Love flourishes. Love abounds. Love strengthens all. And love itself becomes strengthened. The most tremendous bond of all is unbounded.

Those points on the triangle — the triangle is really a circle, and there are no points. You thought there were, and you loved seeing those points of love. My children want love to stand still, but love moves. By its very nature, it flows. And now your love and Molly’s love flow in an ever-bigger circle.

As Molly blew kisses to you, you forward your love. A kiss is given, and love is more. Nothing is taken away by the giving of love. All is multiplied by the giving of love.

What would Molly want to tell you? She would say, “Thank you.” She would say, “I love you forever.” She would say, “I am happy. I am happier than you can imagine. I visit you, and I give you a flower of my love every day. We are not apart, Mommy. Our hearts are one in God’s. I know you miss me. I cannot miss you because you are never away from me. We are closer than our thoughts. We are closer than our memories. I kiss your cheek right now. I am with God. I play with angels. I go to school. I love you. I am happy.”

When you feel a breeze on your cheek or the sun on your face, be reminded of Molly.

You may want to write to Molly, Diane, and hear her love directly yourself. You know her address.

Blessed are you, Diane. Blessed are you among women.

There are other communications in the Heaven Sutras archives from Diane both preceding and following the ones selected.  I chose the entries above because they well illustrate the messages of the seven letters I presented earlier.  I hope they were as much of a blessing for you to read as they were for me to select and prepare.




The fact that you have read these letters indicates that you are open to their message.  Even if you found your mind rebelling at times, your heart encouraged you to continue on with your reading.  That it is within our hearts where truth may be found is one of the most powerful themes that runs through all of the Heavenletters.  It is now more important than ever that we hear the messages of our heart.

A message from Gloria:

“The heart of what I give you in these messages is not the message itself. What you extract from My letters may be succinct and wonderful, but it is only a thimbleful of what I give you. I pour down love upon you and a certain lyric wisdom far more than any words…”

Heavenletter #1313 How to Read a Heavenletter

I never gave much thought to God, let alone dream that a time would come when I would hear God’s Voice. Not until after forty-two years of wandering did I become conscious of a desire for God. Then it was another twenty years before I began to hear His words and write them down. How could these words on my computer be God’s? I knew they weren’t mine, but how could God’s words come to me? No one would have expected me to hear and write down God’s words. Least of all did I. How then did it happen?

My first answer is that I don’t really know. My second answer is that it came from every thread of my life.  And the third answer is: What does it matter? Maybe the whole story is: “One day I didn’t know there was a God, and the next day I did.” And the story is God’s.

Now my life is taken up with God.

The process of writing down God’s words I call Godwriting™. The finished letters from God I call Heaven letters™.

One thing about God, He wants His words shared, and so Heaven Letters are emailed out every day.

Then I found out that everyone can hear God’s words.  All it takes is the willingness and the sitting down to do it. And so Godwriting workshops were born.

I have been receiving God’s Words and sending them out every day seven days a week for over twelve years, giving God’s personal answers to people who have heartfelt questions to ask, giving Godwriting™ workshops all over the world, making CD’s, and putting together Heaven books — all with an ear to the Still Small Voice and bringing Earth closer to Heaven .

Heavenletters are here to reach every soul on Earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.




A message from Chuck:

I am a physician in private practice in Albany, Georgia (USA).

My specialty is internal medicine.

Before getting my medical degree, my majors in college were

mathematics and physics, and I have always kept up with new

ideas in these fields.  A number of years ago, it became

apparent to me that not only was modern medicine not applying

the insights that our research scientists were discovering,

neither was society as a whole.  I saw these insights as vitally

important to our view of the world and our actions in it.

About ten years ago I embarked on a book about the most recent

findings of the research in physics and quantum mechanics as

well as the findings of engineers who studied the impact of

human consciousness on mechanical devices, the literature

concerning what is called “remote viewing,” the “non-local”

effects of human intent to heal, and much more.  Part way

through writing this book, however, I ran into a difficult

problem.  Nowhere could I find an explanation of the

mechanisms behind what these researchers were finding and

continuing to verify about the impact and powers of human

consciousness.  In an attempt to remedy this failing, I put my

book project aside and began to explore.

Eventually I found satisfying and consistent answers in the

writings of religious mystics as well as people who were

receiving revelations and deep insights such as those of this

manuscript.  Heavenletters is, to me, the cream of the crop, a

crop of exceedingly valuable knowledge.

I volunteered to select the letters for this manuscript and

provide the commentary with great enthusiasm and delight.

These letters are mystical and enchanting!











6 Responses to Grief eBook

  1. jane says:

    THe question is why do we actually come into a physical body anyway? IF we are a part of the all seing all hearing energy I call universal intelligence, some call it GOD, because their belief maybe likes to consider a DIVINE BEING, then it he she already knows everything, why does it want to put a small spark of itself into physical 3d density to suffer, if its is already perfect, why does it wish to become imperfect…….sure as hell I don’t get it………when we get back to spirit, we are all on the happy pills again, do we even stop to look over our shoulder at the hellish life many have just left I wonder? DO YOU WONDER………I wish more people would wonder,……..lone voice in the sea of the internet…….BTW THANKS FOR YOUR INTERESTING STORY AND SITE CONTENT… great that you are an awake Doc, we need millions more like you.

    • Thank you for your comment, Jane,

      You ask great questions. What I have observed over the years is that the question of why a presumably all-powerful, all-knowing and totally loving God would allow suffering is a big stumbling block for many who would otherwise believe in beneficent Creator. As I interpret your comment, you are asking me if I wonder about this. I certainly do wonder and I am sure many others do also. I am also sure many, many more wonder about it than write about their concerns and questions.

      I have thought about these questions and explored them a lot, but I do not profess to hold any answers. All I can do is provide what seems to make the most sense to me at this point in time.

      I do feel beyond any shadow of doubt that a Creator must exist to explain the incredible complexity, diversity, beauty and unity of the universe. I will call this Creator God and give Him, Her and/or It the masculine pronoun He to save on typing.

      For some reason, God chose to create lesser versions of Himself by dividing part of His being into unique spirits through limiting their potentially infinite powers. I like the term “sparks” of God’s being that you use.

      God also seems to have chosen to give at least some of his “sparks” free will and allow them to make their own autonomous decisions. Now if this free will is indeed free, it cannot be determined beforehand what choices will be made, and this means in giving us free will He simultaneously created uncertainty about what choices His creations might decide upon. Furthermore, free will to be truly free must mean we can make choices with “bad” consequences as well as “good.” This then opens the door for suffering to be created. It seems to me, then, If He chose to divide and bestow free will, He also created the potential for suffering.

      This brings us back to the big question, why go down this path in the first place? My thinking is that if God is all loving, then there must have been a good reason to allow us to choose, and in so doing, produce our own suffering. What would that good reason be? My best guess is that it is some sort of expansion or growth that benefits all, permanently. This would contrast with suffering which is limited and temporary. The only answer that seems to make sense is that suffering plays an important role and it somehow results in a much bigger gain than its short-term loss.

      This is the best answer I know how to give. I suspect it is much longer than you anticipated. In my defense, it is a very difficult question.


  2. jane says:

    Hello Chuck, the difficult questions are worth it though:) Yes you make sense in your reply, and as you say many have asked this question and still do and there is no definitve answer, maybe we will get one, when we end up in spirit which we are told is not a polarity. I think there is great imbalance to my thinking in the whole set up, from the point of view of how even if we want to end our suffering, we do not seem to be able to do so .. I speak from personal experience of long term health issues.
    As you will know, the way our brain works is to supress traumas into our Sub conscious where although at the time it may keep us sane and help us to survive, long term , it disrupts our biochemistry and we get illness. if we are lucky and have an enquiring mind, we find ways to try and find out what are our true beliefs in our subconscious and then work to try and heal them –non of this is at all straightforward, well certainly not in my case, and then, we also carry memories from past lives, and bring that into the life as extra baggage, such a strange set up.

    I can only think god got really bored and had a huge sneeze and created millions of souls in the process and into polarity they dropped, I am joking I realise there does seem to be order in the universe –despite how it seems here in 3D:)

    It seems when we get into spirit, we are not exactly in what I would say is a balanced state there, because we seem to be so filled with the energy of LOVE that we may seem to be ‘on something’– I have read many books on the after life, and the annoying thing is there is not really a strong consensus, and everyone seems to just have their own take, hardly what I would call scientific..however I do believe there is much evidence to strongly support or suggest that we do indeed survive after we leave our physical bodies…….

    What annoys me though , is that its hard to find people for example gifted mediums, who would be happy to dialogue, instead of saying , well this is what happens, this is how it is, and that is that……

    yours still frustrated, but enjoying the discussion:)

    • Jane,

      It is hard to imagine how anyone can be born into the world as it now is without getting frustrated. Virtually everyone is conditioned and taught, from early childhood onward, to view the world in ways that can only produce a fair amount of fear and frustration. In addition, we humans seem to be particularly apt to become frustrated since we are very empathetic by nature. The more we are in touch with our basic innate nature, the more empathy we feel and the more frustration we may experience. I say “may” experience because I think it is possible to develop a deeper understanding of how the world works that will allow us to achieve a state of deep empathy without suffering or being frustrated in the process. This requires that we develop more enlightened insight into what is really going on.

      I think the evidence that now is available that we do indeed live on after our body dies is quite convincing. Beyond that evidence, though, the idea that our life would stop after our body stops functioning makes no sense to me. My experience has shown me that our true being is even deeper than the thoughts and emotions that make up our usual awareness. This true being, by its nature, must be eternal.

      I completely agree that we are not seeing much consensus about spiritual issues on the internet and in modern writings addressing these topics. Nor do I think it is likely we will see this consensus develop in the foreseeable future. To me, the only reliable answers will emerge from exploration within the resources of our own mind, not from external sources. External sources may sometimes be found to resonate with our internal resources, but they are never the source of the confirmation itself. While truths found within cannot be proven or objectively demonstrated, they are only real access to certainty.

      As you might expect, exploring the causes of illness and disease is a passion of mine. I agree completely with what I hear you saying in your comment about one cause of illness being repressed emotions and forgotten traumas. There are more and more effective healing techniques that target these sources of disease becoming available. I think we are on the ground floor of revolutionary insights into human health and disease. The old physical models of disease and the research based on these models are bringing us to a dead end, and can even be counter-productive at times.

      I hope you will continue to share your thoughts on this blog, Jane. Your ideas are very intriguing.


  3. jane says:

    I hope to not be away too long am having email issues, got to get that sorted. Energy Psychology
    EFT/TAT/BSFF/ZPOINT PROCESS………. I have tried them all, they all seem to have merit, but they don’t complete solve the issues in everyone, we are so complex, we have to look at even past -lives, why the heck were we made that we also had to come in with all this baggage….. this admittedly does take you to the why you should get this course page, however, even if not wishing to purchase, i am most impressed with this system the founder seems to have found something missing in the other Energy Psychologies….I don’t know if you have delved into these therapies, but this is one I think will show promise, yes am using myself and can see benefits, but have not cured myself yet, I am having to be Sherlock Holmes…

    I will write with you privately to save bunging up your blog if you wish?

    Regards to all…….

    • Jane,

      Do not worry about what you want to write on my blog pages. They are here for whomever wants to use them. I do think that ongoing discussions about healing and healing techniques are quite valuable, but would be most valuable if they were available to many more people than this part of my blog will reach.. It would be great if some sort of group blog or perhaps an ongoing blog topic in this blog could serve this function. My email address is in the “please read this first” message, but to save you time it is I would love to brainstorm this idea with you. You are right in your observation that too many people see healing methods as black or white. I think all our conclusions and all our beliefs are tenative and always should be subject to revision.

      I started looking at the innerinfluencing site. I tend to just stick with free offereings, but I will take a careful look at the site when I can give it adequate time.


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